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$130/week39 year old man

Hello there! I’m a pretty laid-back bloke, and fairly easy to get along with. I’m big into music of all sorts, however my default setting is metal. I enjoy cooking and gardening, and love animals and the outdoors. I run a small business selling crystals, fossils, mineral specimens, incense, soap and medicinal herbs. I regularly take my business on the road over the weekends, putting in a presence at markets, most often up in Daylesford. I do pretty well out of it, but it’s really more of a hobby than a fully-fledged enterprise. It keeps me busy though, and keeps me out of trouble. I also do a little freelance design work from time to time on my poor old Mac too. I’m fairly house-proud, and am more than happy to pitch in and do my bit around the house. I’m an avid gardener… with a reasonably large collection of cacti/succulents and medicinal herbs. I’d rather bring these plants with me when I move, but I can give them to my Mother to look after if there isn’t the room. I AM a smoker, and one of my absolute indulgences is puffing away on flavoured shisha. Don’t panic! All of my smoking is done outside, and no, nothing green ever finds its way into my pipe… those days are long gone. Ahh, to be young. If that’s your thing, I can coexist, but I’d really rather a drug-free household. I don’t care what age, gender, partner preference, etc. that you are. As long as you’re not a grub, and you’re not having loud sex in the room next door every other night, I’ll be happy. My preference is an unfurnished room, as I have a storage locker full of bed, drawers, bedside tables, etc. that I’d rather not be paying to store. I also have all sorts of kitchen gadgets, including coffee machine, deep fryer, meat slicer, bench top hot plates & oven, bamix, toaster, kettle, microwave, and the list goes on. I also have a fridge/freezer and washing machine. Happy for my fridge to go in the garage as a beer fridge. Ah, beer… I DO drink, but I rarely take it to excess. Can’t really afford to. Again, I don’t care what you get up to, as long as it’s not screaming bloody murder at three AM, drunk and disorderly every night of the week. Been there, done that, moved on to bigger and better things. So as to parking… I’m flexible, but I’d prefer to have my car off street if there is room. I have no pets, but am happy to live with yours. I may even coax your fur baby onto my bed on a cold night! Ok, so that’s me. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Matt.

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$170/week30 year old gender diverse

Hi! I'm currently looking for a new place since my housemate of the past few years is moving for work. I'm an experienced sharer having been in a couple of large sharehouses in London, and I miss the unconventional family vibes of a big house. I'm looking for a social house, but not a party house, where we have a nice balance of time to ourselves and time together. Totally up for household dinners, movie nights, game nights, or an end of the week beer. I teach pilates and am also working in the arts, so I'm pretty busy, but when I am home I like bumping into someone in the kitchen for a cup of tea and a catch up. I think it's important to have clear expectations around cleaning/tidying responsibilities to keep the peace and make sure communal spaces are always ready for the whoever might need them next. I'm an actor and therefore need a bit of space in which to record self tapes and prep auditions. I'm ideally looking for either a large room where I can set up a little spot to work from in the corner or a small room and an additional spot in a shed or garage to work from. It should be noted that this means I'm occasionally being dramatic in the next room/making strange noises/practicing a monologue over and over. I think it's best to be upfront about this so you know what you're getting into! Additionally my housemate and I got a pretty serious container garden going, so if there's room for a few planter boxes and pots that would be a bonus! I'd love to bring them with me if I can.

Available 22 August 2022

Danah & Jason

Danah and Jason

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$350/week28-29 year old woman and man

Hi, I am Danah🇵🇭 and work in after-school childcare. I have been in Melbourne since 2019 and just finished my Master's in Secondary Teaching. I have a female cat named ✨Blaire✨. She is a friendly domestic shorthair (but can be shy). And yes--she is microchipped, desexed and litter trained.✅ If you are a cat person, you would most likely fall in love with her. She is adorable (a bit chunky) and enjoys sitting by the window. As our future housemate, honestly, she is the best part of the deal: she gets to be your cat as well. I do not 🚭 . I am reasonably tidy and like to organise things (I vacuum my room thrice a week♻️), so you won't have to worry about an unkept dish and litter box. I promise to keep your place to its top shape like my own. I will be moving in with my partner, Jason (28). Jason will be arriving in Melbourne sometime in late August to early September to study Master of Information Systems💻. He, too, is from the Philippines and is a programmer by trade. Knowing Jason for more than ten years (we met in undergrad), I describe him as reliable in helping with the chores. He grew up with his nan, so he is used to heavy tasks at home. As a couple, we love to geek out on pop culture, horror, crime and suspense and anime. Next is experimenting with food, and we don’t mind sharing a meal with you. While introverts, we love a good catch-up, especially if it involves board games. If that is your sort of thing, then I bet we would be a good match. 🙌 We are looking forward to sharing a home with you! ❤️

Available 20 August 2022