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$125/week35 year old female

Hello! I have lived in Melbourne for about 8 years and currently have been renting in Brunswick for 2 years. However, this beautiful old house is being sold so need a new place to call home. I work in tech for a non-profit health organisation and I also freelance as a tutor/editor. In my spare time, I volunteer as a hike guide, help run wellness workshops and meditation retreats and volunteer at Buddhist centres, so I keep myself quite busy. I am an expat from the UK with Asian roots and in the process of becoming an Australian citizen. Looking to find a place I can call home until I can afford to buy my own...which may take a while looking at the house prices! What I'm looking for: a peaceful, comfy and respectful home where everyone communicates, gets on well, has some sort of tidiness and don't mind a good chat in the evenings. Ideally, would love it if we all got on like a family, maybe now and then do things together as a house but nothing too committed. I'm not really into late night parties. I prefer quiet evenings and active days with dinner parties or BBQ's that don't upset the neighbours with the permission of all housemates involved. Would like to live with housemates who are respectful, able to communicate, positive, kind, intelligent and enjoy life. I hope my housemates would feel I'm approachable too. I'm a good communicator and mature as well as a good listener and a team player. Have lived in rental houses for over 20 years. Prefer to stay with non-smokers, no heavy drinkers and a drug-free home. I always pay bills on time and a clean/tidy person who cleans up after themselves. So no problems with tidiness or cleanliness. Interests and hobbies: I am an outdoor adventure junkie, love all things hiking and going camping which is why I am a hike guide for a national hiking association. I am also an active volunteer, working at Buddhist centres, meditation retreats and wellness workshops in Australia and sometimes abroad. I practise daily yoga, meditation and have a plant-based diet though I do eat seafood and occasionally poultry. I like my gardening and growing edible things in the garden, cooking all my meals, baking gluten-free/sugar-free/vegan delights/sourdough, sometimes make my own yoghurt, sprouting alfalfa and pea shoots type of lady, love my healthy eating, writing (trying) a few books, reading lots of books on self-development/philosophy/non-religious spirituality/wellness/psychology/medicine, films, playing guitar and maybe start learning the cello soon, painting, travelling, organising hikes, and probably more stuff.

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