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Hannah and Manet

Early bird

$135/week23 year old females

I'm Hannah, and along with my friend Manet we're looking for a third friend to join us and create an accepting and friendly household. The area: we’re looking mainly in SE Reservoir, east Preston, Bellfield, Macleod areas; hopefully bicycling/walking distance to a train station and La Trobe uni. The house: our weekly budget for rent is $130-140 each, so, about $400 per week for the house (bargain bois where you at?). We’ve organised a few inspections already, and are valuing houses that have wooden floors, light spaces and fairly large bedrooms. The timeframe: as soon as we’ve found our third friend and new house! Ideally before end of Feb. About you: The most important thing for both of us is creating a comfortable, accepting and openly communicative living environment. We want everyone to be able to be themselves at home, and talk to each other with respect. If this is something you value and are excited to help create with us, PLEASE COME JOIN US! We’re excited to meet you :) About us: Hannah; 23 years old, studying Bioscience at La Trobe, working as a swim teacher in Ivanhoe. Absolute nature lover and aspiring plant nerd. Nakey in a river is her happy place. At home she enjoys cooking , learning yoga but realistically spends most her time in her room studying. Loves clean spaces and gets excited about cleaning products easily. In her spare time loves to hike, camp, swim or hang out with her partner Daniel. After prioritising travel for the past few years this will be her first sharehouse. Manet; 23 years old, studying Marketing&Comm. at RMIT and working in hospitality in Lower Plenty. Outgoing, artistically driven and lover of books, Manet is a big ol’ goofball who is always down for a game, a laugh or a dance. She often spends her time catching up on Youtube videos, working out, re-decorating/organising the house, or going on dates. Her happy places go in order of; Gooram Falls in North Victoria, Hanging Rock (the rock isn’t even the best part) and Hannah’s parent’s house (Especially at Christmas with gingerbread cookies). Manet does not like to cook but can be hassled into it as she can be hassled into most things. Both of us; love playing boardgames, dancing to ABBA, going river swimming, the occasional night out clubbing, and learning to garden. We’re also both excited to become a more eco-conscious household (think mason jars and bulk food stores, compost, etc.) as well as more vegetarian. We do have a few deal-breakers we hope you can respect: no smokers, no pets (for allergy reasons no cats/dogs, but if you have, like, a lizard then that’s sick), no drugs (the occasional 420 excepted), willing to be on a weekly cleaning roster. Please chuck us a message and we’ll organise a hang out to get to know each other a bit :)

Available 15 February 2021


Early bird

$180/week36 year old female

Calling all nature-lovers, driven, goal-oriented, creative, open-minded, out-of-the-box thinkers, visionaries, who are striving to be the best person they can be, and intent on leaving the best impact on this world that they can. I'm a 36yo non-smoker female (she/her), and come with a very sweet rescue cat, Calypso. I’m striving to incorporate more yoga and awareness into Life. I love animals, travelling, and talk to plants. I work for an environmental ngo 3days a week and i love my work and the people I work with. Passionate about nature, the environment and reducing waste, I appreciate a clean, calm and peaceful home sanctuary. I have zero interest in loud or frequent parties, excessive alcohol use/abuse, drugs, smoking/420 or disrespectful housemates and would prefer these to not be in my home environment. I do enjoy the occasional glass of wine. I mostly cook and eat vegetarian (with the occasional fish) and prefer to rescue my fruits and vegetables for use in breakfast smoothies and curries. I compost. I have grand visions of a flourishing veggie patch. I enjoy acro yoga, yoga, meditation, going for barefoot walks in parks, and sailing on old wooden boats (among a few other things!) I like to keep a clean and tidy home. And appreciate housemates for whom this is also a priority as it makes for a nice energy in the space. I believe in not taking anything personally, and not making assumptions (two of my favourite of The Four Agreements, which I strive to live by). Looking to create a sanctuary, and a home, not just a place to lay one’s head. Open and clear communication, emotional maturity, and consideration of others is what you can expect from me, and what I would love to have reciprocated. I’m envisioning a home where we can hold each other gently accountable, and support and celebrate each other in the attainment of our respective goals. Would be awesome to either find a sharehouse where these values are already present, and I’m not gonna wait for one to magically materialise either, so if you’re keen to create one with me and the right mix of people (two others to start with, who are happy to go on a lease, for a 3-5bdm home would be ideal, leasing out any surplus rooms within a month or so and ultimately keeping costs smartly well below average, so we can enjoy the finer things in life (like quality pillows, and cashew nuts!) Contact me if you wanna be part of this fam!

Available 30 January 2021