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Frankston, Langwarrin & Skye Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Frankston, Seaford, Mount Martha, Mornington

I'm pretty easy going, love a good conversation but also like my space. I'm a bit of a clean freak, well not 'freak', I just like to be clean! I have an adorable dog named Layla (she's a staffy). I enjoy cooking, drinking beer after a hard days work and relaxing in front of the idiot box! :)

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Looking in: Clayton, Mulgrave, Chelsea, Melbourne, Frankston

Fun, easy going, clean, respectful looking for a place to call home

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Gina & Ashleigh

Looking in: Seaford, Malvern, Ferntree Gully, Mulgrave, Carrum Downs, Dandenong, Hallam, Caulfield, Frankston, Glen Waverley

Hi name is Gina and me and my partner Ashleigh are moving to Melbourne from Perth, we have à 8 year old husky and a 9 year old cat we dont mind paying extra for the animals and a bond, they are well looked aftered and well mannered animals and we do want them inside if possible. We move around the 1st of May as we own our house in Perth and currently getting the house ready to move ☺ We haven't rented as we own a house for years but we can provide references and any other info you may require ☺ We both are from NZ and my partner just sign a year contract with Techcrete and I'm working FIFO mining at the moment and I have got interviews when I get to Melbourne, we both very easy going, friendly, clean, always respectful and think we might be good for your house please contact me Thank you ☺ Looking around 30km any where between from Mornington and Melbourne $350 nego for a house/share

Couple28 - 37
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Looking in: Tooradin, Koo Wee Rup, Frankston, Mornington, Cranbourne, Hastings, Tyabb

I'm a lab worker in Tyabb, originally from Glenroy in Melbourne. Loves animals, video games, internet comedy channels and memes. Happy to keep house clean and tidy. I have a pet cockatoo who will require a yard to live in.

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Looking in: Oakleigh, Clayton, McKinnon, Caulfield, Ormond, Sandringham, Chelsea, Frankston, Mordialloc, Bentleigh, Moorabbin

Reliable,respectful,flexible,friendly,work thur-sunday nights and other sources of income,creative and cook . write/perform music and sell my painting GS every 3 months at markets.

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Looking in: South Yarra, Saint Kilda, Mordialloc, Frankston

Hiya everyone. I'm just going to get straight to the point... I currently live in a MAD HOUSE!!! A MAD house I tell you. Like when I say 'mad house'... what I mean is I currently live in a Share House with 11 people and I swear, if I hear one more argument at 3am over drugs, or if I have the police knock my bedroom door one more time looking for one of the other housemates, if one more pair of my 'eye patches' go missing off the washing line.... If one more morning I wake up and someone has left me with none of 'MY' milk for the most important farking Coffee of the day.. then I may be forced to turn into the worst version of Jekyell and Hyde they've ever seen... I bet your about to Google to see who Jekyell and Hyde' is.. But SERIOUSLY, who has to put a padlock on their own Fridge in their own house???????? I didn't realise that anybody else likes Blue Cheese. I'm happy to move anywhere in Bayside/Kingston area as long as it's close to public transport. A bit about me. 100% up front. Best way to be so there's no surprises later. 29 FT Student. Originally from South Wales, UK. Perm Aus Resi. I pay my bills on time and every time.. my Mum would disagree but that's her job so don't listen to her. Love you mum. Not a party animal. LOVE and expect my own privacy and space but still love to be social. Non drinker. Outside smoker.. 🚬 and occasionally I like to indulge in a 3 paper 🚬🍃🍂 If you judge me for indulging in the odd bit of natural urb then that says more about you than it does me. Live a little. Anal about cleanliness. Can cook. Will cook. Quiet. Respectful. Helpful. Honest. Don't I just sound like the perfect housemate? Snap me up already why don't you? Preferably this weekend as my stuff is already packed and ready to go, like yesterday. Which isn't helping my OCD, I need somewhere to unpack it. Looking for Furnished or Unfurnished room. Granny flat, Studio.. Preferably with it's own ensuite, that's not a necessity but it would be nice. Max $220 PW. Can provide References and a Bond if needed. Hope to hear from someone soon! Have a great weekend everyone. Taryn

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New | $220


Looking in: Dromana, Mount Eliza, Tyabb, Pearcedale, Seaford, Skye, Langwarrin, Carrum Downs, Somerville, Mornington, Frankston

Hello.Easy Going Guy.Hard Worker. Quiet.Not a party as a Concrter/Musician . Im clean and always pay my way.And will play you a tune on the acoustic guitar .Would love roon for a garage space.Please contact me

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Looking in: Frankston

Hi! I'm a 2nd Year Nursing Student who only wants to stay between 11th of June to 3rd of July (3 weeks) for my Frankston Hospital placement!

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Mick & Riley

Looking in: Lynbrook, Hampton Park, Mordialloc, Seaford, Frankston

Hi my name is Mick, I'm a crane and machine operator, I work full time anywhere from 40 hours a week up to 60 hours. I am generally in the gym 3-5 days during the week. I'm pretty cruisey, approachable and don't mind a chat. Not a fan of drama or gossip. Like doing my own thing,, keeping fit and healthy to some degree,, will meal prep during the week but won't turn down the tasty not so healthy foods on the weekend haha. I'm hoping to find somewhere with 2 bedrooms, 1 for myself and 1 for my 10 year old boy when he stays with me every 2nd weekend and they odd day here and there. Ideally I'd like to be close to the beach or close to my work.

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Looking in: Bonbeach, Skye, Mordialloc, Chelsea, Frankston

I'm a mature, down to earth, clean, quiet, healthy 20 year old female with a cat working full time seeking a comfy clean home with a lovely female housemate. In my spare time I'm either doing yoga, hiking, seeing my partner of two years, watching tv shows or with friends. I like my own space but need an easy friendship with housemates for a comfortable living environment.

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Looking in: Melbourne, Cranbourne, Frankston, Moorabbin

Hey All, My name is Alanna i'm 18 years old and i'm looking for a place to stay until February 2018. So to tell you a bit about myself, I'm a friendly relaxed, mostly quiet person who like to keep things tidy. i don't have a problem paying rent, but i'm also looking for a job so i can work on some savings too- just have to work out where i'm living :) on days when i'm not working or studying i'm out visiting friends and family. i'm happy to keep to myself and am respectful of other people's privacy, but i also like to socialize with my housemates as well- just depends on what you are comfortable with. :) i don't have much to move (literally 6 boxes) and am available to move in ASAP. thanks, - Alanna

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Ashleigh & Gina

Looking in: Dandenong, Hallam, Hampton Park, Glen Waverley, Carrum Downs, Frankston, East Melbourne

Hi name is Ashleigh and me and my partner Gina are moving to Melbourne from Perth, we have à 8 year old husky and a 9 year old cat we dont mind paying extra for the animals and a bond, they are well looked aftered and well mannered animals. We move around the 1st of May as we own our house in Perth and currently getting the house ready to move ☺ We haven't rented as we own a house for years but we can provide references and any other info you may require ☺ We both are from NZ and I just signed a year contract with Techcrete and my partner is working FIFO mining at the moment and has interviews when She gets to Melbourne, we both very easy going, friendly, clean, always respectful and think we might be good for your house please contact me Thank you ☺ Looking around 30km any where between from Frankston and Carrum Downs $350 nego for a house

Couple28 - 37
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Looking in: Frankston, Moorabbin, Mordialloc, Chelsea

I am clean, respectfull work full time.

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Looking in: Carrum Downs, Seaford, Frankston South, Frankston

I am very reliable & ensure rent is paid on time from being a previous home owner. Recently moved from Auckland but lived in Melbourne previously with family for about 20 years. Very clean & tidy person, also very respectful of others. I do have a 9 month old British Bulldog, who is very well behaved can be outside & inside dogs. The same as I am with being neat & tidy I am the same with my furbaby

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Looking in: Carrum Downs, Frankston

I am young, curious and friendly but inexperienced with moving out, I am a kiwi but very very geeky. I'm willing to move out of my house with anyone of any age, but moving out is something I want to do because It's not only best for my family but best for me as our house is a little crowded and it has been hard for me to live. I am very good with household chores especially in the Kitchen and bathrooms. I am pet friendly especially towards dogs. I currently work full time on 5 overnights and make approx 500 a week and willing to pitch in for food and bills. I try my best to mingle as much as possible as being lonely makes it hard for me to cope, seeing me is unfortunately a rare occurrence due to overnight but hey, I love me a good movie night, and will always be willing to have one. I currently don't have a car atm and catching public transport and Ubers to work. although there are ups and downs, I would love to move in with and your crowd or family :)

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Looking in: Carrum Downs, Frankston, Chelsea, Moorabbin, Mulgrave

Hi My name is maria, im student working part time and is looking to find my own little spot. I want somewhere i can call home. I have a good circle of family and friends that i love to have over and really cook for them. For me the most important thing about living with others is respect. Having a clean kitchen and shared areas is definitely important to me.

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Looking in: Patterson Lakes, Carrum, Seaford, Frankston South, Baxter, Drouin West, Drouin South, Drouin East, Drouin, Warragul, Berwick, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Pakenham, Frankston

Hey guys, Im Scott, currently looking for a place ASAP for myself and my beautiful Husky Diesel which is my world. Im a pretty laid back guy. I love music and I like to DJ which I do here and there around many venues around Melbourne. I am very respectful to other housemates and i like to keep the place spic and span, and if you would like someone to cook an awesome meal in the house, im the guy for it!

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Looking in: Carrum Downs, Seaford, Frankston, Frankston North

Im clean, quiet, im social but like my own company too. I can cook, i study full time . Im respectfull of others and tthier belongings. I smoke but can do so outside. Thanks

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Looking in: Carrum Downs, Seaford, Frankston

I'm quiet, not much of a drinker, I don't party, prefer to play video games, kick back with a movie or read a book. I'm a Jurassic park and alien fanatic

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Looking in: Carrum, Seaford, Frankston

Easy going, motivated, clean and respectful healthy and always doing things.I don't smoke. Non party house. Mature house mate. We are relocating back to Melbourne from the Gold Coast. Looking for long term. Separate living.

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Looking in: Langwarrin

For 30 years, l lived upon a large, luxurious Colonial Homestead, which was located upon Bush Acreage - in Rural Acreage. Such provided a Unique change from the Stress, Anxiety - away from the 'Rat-Race' which so many are forced to endure. Hence my property 100% reflexed Privacy, Secluded & Tranquil. I have added - so many options - of an example.... yet such was merely one. Over the years, (since the Homestead, was so vast, & included so many bedrooms - such was No problem to me - if any lady was ever in need - Since at the end of the day if she never an additional place - to live. Indeed, often such - since I was always so busy working - they would often instead focus upon - any routines around the place. In addition, early-on post my living their - enabled me to acquire a private wildlife sanctuary - hence property had so many domesticated pets - Such were Kangaroos, Wallaroos, Wallabies, an emu Plus the Possums, Ducks & others who grew-up on my property. Such was the property meant that (over such a period - presumed that ...... I naturally would live upon such a property for the rest of my life. Tragically, life has a habit of rare habits upon people. If such case - the old adage of that - if you (at a point) lose your health... etc Hence tragically - I lost my property - as a result - in 2012. Over the 4+ years since.... I ended-up in share accommodate. What I have learnt. Tragically in each case I ended sharing with males. In the start - I did not consider such - important - But I realised that such - lead to numerous issues that I had not anticipated ! There included ... - that many were not professionals - but some were 'yobbos', 'tradesman' etc. I use to work - a vast amount of Professional person. However, I have always know - Vastly more Females - rather than 'Females' - Such tended to be usually better - in All most very way. (In life, I noticed that some genders (often believe that - for whatever reason - some liase better - than other people state. In my case - in such case - I found that a 'Lady' & myself tended to enjoy work, friendships & liaising. Indeed over years - I 100% knew - that personality that being around a 'Lady' - upon every level was better. (The below may also explain as well.) - Worse was that some were 'Chronic Alcoholic' - Indeed, I lead that it was easy to appear to look like they were drinking Coke (including at work) - & it was only myself who knew that the Coke (included 15% while 85% was bourbon, vodka, etc). - Living with such people who were 'Chronic Alcoholic' - was not a happy place ... is live 24/7. I am seeking - to 'Team-Up' with happy, place. I am seeking to do so - Whilst seeking to share ..... I am seeking to a New place - which will be similar my former property. I 100% have (all of my items & furnish - which I have held - in storage). I an 100% able to 100% Budget for any new property (rented) - which also means that we could build such property - bit by bit. I am able to also use 'My Vast able to - Use all of my Vast Finance Skills, Experiences & Skills. Instead - I also have the ability to also help (another to help me - For example - I have access to me to also help - (in ways that I am entitle to - 'via Centre-link' etc. Hence, given the opportunity - Such is able to lead - to Amazing new opportunities - which most people are unlikely to have ever considered...... (Indeed, I have been a never 'Outside of their Square' - & I have often do so.... As such is how I have already considered - Very most common outcomes! Indeed, I am able to example upon such - if I am able to find the correct person. Indeed I always solely ever use 'WIN-WIN' Situations. If you are interested in communicating more - then please send me a message - & I all may start from such. P.S. Below I placed 'Langwarrin' - Yet there are so many various area - Many of similar A1 areas.

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Looking in: Bonbeach, Skye, Parkdale, Carrum Downs, Seaford, Mordialloc, Frankston

My names Ashleigh I'm 22 years old I'm currently looking for somewhere too live asap :) I'm friendly clean bubbly and always good too have a laugh with! I'm very neat and love too work! I love animals (currently don't have any) If there is anywhere available please feel free too message me I'm easy going so I always make an awesome housemate :)

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Looking in: Bittern, Mount Martha, Mount Eliza, Devon Meadows, Somerville, Baxter, Dromana, Cranbourne, Carrum, Rosebud, Crib Point, Langwarrin, Frankston

Im a bubbly young chick who is trustworthy and reliable. I have my own pet sitting/walking buisness and absolutly love it.

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Miranda & Dennis

Looking in: Melbourne, Scoresby, Docklands, Frankston, Mount Martha, Mount Eliza, Mornington

We're a young, respectful, quiet couple currently living in South Aus looking to relocate to Vic. We are non smokers, tidy, working part time in retail and fans of board and card games. Looking for an easy going, relaxed household. We enjoy cooking, gardening and going to the movies, travelling. Looking to stay for at least 6 months or more. Hoping to team up or share with like minded housemate/s.

Couple21 - 24
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