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$375/week60 year old female

12 months prefer Fitzroy Carlton North Carlton North Fitzroy Flexible as to move dates. Looking for a home that has a warm vibe and style.Also as we are all working from home for the time being would be great if the home is conducive to that. When home I like to listen to Music or watch SBS on demand and iview abc and reading.and social media. I work 4 days a week in a finance role.( Due to new conditions I work from home ) I am a very clean respectful woman a little quirky and maybe sometimes laugh in the wrong places. If sharing a bathroom I am very respectful about times and cleanliness I am good at working around others. Kitchen I clean up after myself and do not leave it dirty or untidy I cook earlier than most people which means kitchen is free for others to use. I am an outgoing independent woman with personality I like a chat and a giggle.I also I know like to be quiet and respect peoples space and need for space.I am aware of the environment and like to leave in a good state for future generations. I have a love of Art Music theatre clothes fashion hair Finance etc Art house films and design and architecture.also Interior Design. Coffee a must daily. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing the wonderful stories they tell. An open personality other interests Art Galleries walking discovery of new places and people.If you would consider me that would be great,with me you would get someone who keeps everything clean and tidy and would respect all of your furnishings and your style and for you another plus I would also pay rent always on time.I am looking for a share home to enable myself to travel to see my Family in France a couple of times a year when things get back to normal I would still pay rent and would pay in advance when i go away. Thank you.L

Available 15 April 2020



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$260/week29 year old male

Hey, I'm Dean. I'm 29 years old. I'm a software developer working in Richmond. Currently working from home, so for fun I'm growing a beard and I like to unwind with long walks to woolies. (I put a move date on my profile because it wants one, but I can move any time in the next few weeks) How do I spend my time at home? - Watch Netflix with my housemate - Read books (fantasy/sci-fi/neurology) - Play video games (more lately) - Very occasionally mix music (quietly) Cool, what else do I do? - Gym regularly - Hang out with friends - Go to a couple of music festivals a year So what am I like to live with? - I'm pretty cruisy - I like to keep my things organised - I like a clean house, but not perfect so I don't expect perfection - Usually I'm up for a chat, or to hang out - Sometimes want to be left alone - I communicate openly and like feedback Have I had much experience share-housing? Yeah a fair bit. So I'm from country Victoria originally, I moved up 9 years ago to study. Since then I've lived with 10 different people in 5 different places, having been at this last place for ~2 years. Why am I looking to move during this coronavirus lockdown? Well good news for my current housemate, and friend of many years, is that they bought the house we are living in! Pretty crazy right? I'm very happy for him. But bad news for me, his partner's lease is ending and wants to move in (fair enough, bad timing) so time for me to find somewhere else to live. What am I looking for in a housemate? - Someone I can watch Netflix series with together - A person I can have good chats with - Someone who respects my privacy if I want it - A person who doesn't mind minimal talking sometimes - Someone who communicates well - Someone who is reasonably clean and tidy What am I looking for in a house? - Space for a queen bed, bedside table, chest of drawers and desk - A wardrobe, or space to put one - Preferably a room that can fit all my furniture, I take a lot of meetings so I'll make noise at my desk all day. - A bit of storage space for camping gear (I could take this back to the country if I really had to) - I need a decent internet connection for work Thanks for reading my profile, hopefully I sound like someone you'd like to live with. If so send me a message.

Available 17 April 2020