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$200/week26 year old female

I graduated uni 2018 with a bachelor of business and psychological science. I am currently working full time as a Human Resources Officer in Surfers Paradise. I've been share housing at my current place since June 2016 and really like my housemates, I live with the owner which has been good. However, now that I've been out of uni for a while, have a good steady income and I'm a bit older, I want to live in a nicer place where I'm on more of an equal footing with my housemates. So basically sharing a space where we are all accountable and consider each other before making any decisions about the living situations (i.e. renovations, housemates, changes in furniture etc.) For what I'm wanting, I think just one housemate would be best. But you never know, I have lived with a couple before who were super chill and we got along great, so it just depends. When it comes down to it I just want a living situation where we can be equals, and we all have ownership and accountability for looking after the place. Personality-wise I am what they call an ambivert- both an extravert and an introvert. I'm a friendly and talkative person (get me talking about movies or tv shows and I'll never shut up haha), but on the other hand, I also like my space at times, so some days I'll get home from work and just want to crash in bed and read a book/watch a movie by myself. I've lived in situations where all the housemates have a night or 2 a week where we cook and hang out, and other situations where we all do our own thing (but get along and chat here and there). I'm happy with either set up as long as it's not awkward and there is mutual respect and good communication. The main thing is, I want to live with someone who is mature and kind. I think the key to living with others is to have great communication and to be considerate of others. I had a bad experience a couple of years ago with a housemate who wasn't communicative and who was very passive-aggressive, so I want to avoid that kind of hostile environment at all costs. I don't want to live with someone who is outright rude, but I do want to live with someone who is open and honest. We all have our idiosyncrasies and pet peeves, so if I was to do something that bugged you, I would want you to tell me and vise versa. Bottling up little things amounts over time and being passive-aggressive about things creates a hostile unlivable environment in my opinion. Another thing about me, is I'm VERY afraid of cockroaches, and for that reason, I don't like to have a dirty kitchen. I don't like to have dishes in the sink overnight. So I clean the kitchen as soon as I'm finished eating. So I hope to live with someone similar, who doesn't let dishes pile up or leave food out. As well as that, I think cleanliness is important for the whole house. I very much value my privacy (in the past I once had a girl steal my clothes from my bedroom) so from then on it has been a non-negotiable that I have a lock on my bedroom door. I'm hoping to live somewhere between Southport and Broadbeach, near a tram stop. It's not essential but I'd absolutely love to live in a place that has water views. Aircon in my bedroom is something I would very much like as well. Also, I have my own bed that I will want to have in my bedroom. I feel like I have written a novel here but I have learned a lot share housing over the last 7 years and have a good idea of what is really important in order to have a happy and stress-free living situation. So if you have read this far and can relate, please shoot me a message! :)

Available 25 February 2020