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Donovan & Erika


Donovan and Erika

Early bird

$500/week35-38 year old male and female

"What makes us great to live with or to trust with your property" Have a drink sometimes but don't like to enjoy it at home after work in front of the tv. Clean, we even make the bed in the morning Don't have complex emotions. Respectful, even in difficult situations like to chill when it's possible. Erika loves to dance. I cook amazing, everybody loves it when I hit the kitchen, Erika likes to try to cook. Always willing to help and give people what they need to advance. The fact that we are away for long periods at a time all the time for work should be the best part of the deal. My Fiance and I (Erika and Donovan) Just got back from a massive overseas trip. We need to find a place in Melbourne and get settled in to start our previous job which starts just before the end of the month. We are currently in Brisbane to pick up a few things before driving down in the jeep to look for accommodation. We trying to maneuver carefully around so we will not spend money on hotels and make any large uneducated commitments while looking, so if you are interested in contacting us "which is great" you may need to be slightly flexible, please. We have a good financial foundation and good jobs, We spend most of the year away from home traveling for work. because we generally head to the airport to get to work the location does not need to anywhere persist. ONCE AGAIN! Super clean and tidy + minimalists. Respectful of your investment always. Not drinkers really. Try to stay as healthy as we can manage. Get in touch and we will make it all work beautifully, Donovan and Erika

Available 28 January 2020



Free to message

$160/week26 year old female

Hello! My name is Liana and I am currently looking for share accommodation, ideally furnished with a double/queen bed. I am currently living in Hobart Tasmania and looking to relocate over to Melbourne in the near future. I am currently completing my Masters in Professional Psychology through distance education and hoping to complete placement to find a paid psychology internship sometime in 2020. I also work as a casual mental health support worker in Hobart but I am looking for work in Melbourne to coincide with the move. So hopefully when I move in, I will have income other than government support. When first meeting me, I may come across a little shy, maybe a little introverted, but as we get to know each other, I definitely open up! This won't take long! I am very friendly and definitely vibe off others :) I am quite a sociable person, this could be over dinner, a coffee, watching Netflix, or just chatting around the kitchen table. I love a games or movie night. I don't mind some banter over a social drink with others or going for coffee/dinner. I am respectful of other peoples space/privacy as I also like my own down time where I play guitar and write songs, listen to music, read, or just watch a movie. Although I am a smoker, I am very respectful in how I conduct myself. My New Years resolution is to quit so this may not even be a thing when I move in. I enjoy going to gigs and seeing live music or comedy shows. Since starting on a fitness/weight loss journey, I've enjoyed going to the gym, bush walking, and other adventures. I'd love to get out and explore nature. Let's buddy up! I would love the opportunity to meet some like minded people and making friends through living in a share house! I am looking for a private room for no more than $160 max per week. I am considerate and a tidy person to live with. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Available 21 February 2020