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$200/week38 year old male

Seeking to make a happy, long-term home in inner North around mid-March. New to Melbourne in 2019. I come with books, plants, pots and paintings. Outside my full-time work, I love a chat as well as my own time, to cook for others, read and be involved in community. I enjoy making a tidy and fresh home (versus house), market and Aldi shopping(!) and cycling to work (my car is mostly for weekends, if at all). I enjoy hiking, gym, yoga, hanging/cooking with friends and the occasional dinner out. Art, books, ideas, science and nature lover. Bent/dark/goofy/deft/Minchin/Connolly humour welcome. I aim to eat down the food-chain, mostly veges with some 'roo and dairy although am happy to be vegetarian at home (my last sharehouse was vegetarian which I loved). I'm a single, hetero, cis, country (as in need greenery), non-smoking, barely-drinking, currently-bearded queer-friendly guy. I'm *not* responsible around gelato, dark chocolate, dumplings, book or plant sales, stationary, camping stores or cheese sales. I work in public policy on strategic and institutional issues to address climate-intersectional challenges and do research on the side. In living arrangements, I really enjoy pooling resources and putting investing energy to make a dwelling a welcoming home, especially through shared shopping and cooking, and enjoying and being a gentle presence. While kids love me and are welcome to visit, I'd like to live in and help make a homespace with one or more adults. Pets are all super welcome although I currently have none of my own. I tend to rise with the sun and enjoy warm, well-lit spaces with people who enjoy chewing over progressive ideas as much as what's on the plate. I've tended to make life-long friends with housemates (even o/s travel together). If there is creativity, contribution and goofy bursts in your world too (of any kind) we'll probably get on great. [P.S. even if I'm not a fit for you I'd welcome your leads to make-home with others]

Available 24 March 2020