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$400/week28 year old woman

Hi, I am arriving in Brisbane on the 20th of August and starting my new job on the 30th, so ideally would like to settle before the 30th. ***I wont commit to anything until i see the house and meet all housemates*** I am originally from Russia, have lived in Hobart for over six years (completed my Ph.D. in Chemistry), and have just accepted a full-time job offer as Analytical Services Manager in Brisbane (a typical 9 to 5 job), thus looking for accommodation, preferably in a share house. I am easy-going and fun, but also mindful about being quiet when someone is sleeping, and I like the space around me fairly organized and clean. My hobbies include reformer pilates, SCUBA diving, Latin social dancing (salsa, bachata, kizomba, zouk, tango), soccer, playing the piano, hiking, and bushwalking. I am new to Queensland, so I will spend a lot of time exploring things and making new friends. Looking for housemates who are preferably between 25 and 35, still keen for some wine and social interactions, but already past wild parties age, and respectful. Preferably with fluent English, to keep improving my language skills;) Preferably without pets or kids, but I can be flexible with pets if they don't leave fur/dirt around the house. The house, is ideally modern-looking, clean, and furnished (fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer), with enough light and space. The bedroom has an aircon, double/queen/king size bed, and a spacious wardrobe

Available 20 August 2022

Jessie & Logan

Jessie and Logan

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$375/week23-25 year old non-binary and man

Heya, I'm Jessie (they/them) and me and my partner Logan (he/him) are looking for a room each in a team-up situation. I consider myself a fairly social person and am down for communal dinners, movie nights ect but will also respect everyone's personal space. I've lived in share houses for the last two or so years so I find it very important to communicate when there's a problem, to pay all bills and rent on time and to clean up after myself. Logan is a bit introverted but a lovely and friendly person. He works nights, plays lots of video games and is too good at chess. He was a wonderful cat named Maisy as well. Maisy is a chill cat and has tended to stick to Logan's room for some reason. He's lived in a share house for the last year as well so knows how to live with other people. Aside from that, I personally spend a lot of my time studying, gardening or playing with my dog. I adore animals, history, activism, theatre, music and literature. I also absolutely love to cook, so if you ever want a home cooked meal, I'm your girl! I also come with a very large amount of plants (mostly herbs and vegetables) so if you like fresh food, I got your back on that too! Seriously, you're more than welcome to pick my herbs for your meals! Laika, my dog, is a two year old koolie. She's very energetic and adores anyone who'll pat her and play fetch. Probably one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. Super smart and picks up on commands in an instant (knows almost 20 commands currently!). However, she does get very excited by people but she does know the commands "down" and "away" if she's getting too much (she just sometimes gets so excited that it takes a moment for it to register in her brain, sorry). She is house trained, friendly and gets along with other animals (she grew up with cats).

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