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$180/week25 year old female

Hey I’m Chelsea, 25 years and still living. Born in Brisbane but have been living at the Sunshine Coast for the last two years. Over iso I decided to make a fun career change and will be getting my cert 3 in Barbering, which means 3 days a week full time In the city. At this stage I’m keen to either find a fairly cheap place to at least stay for half the week (and live half at the sunny coast with my partner) or if I find the right place and people I’d definitely consider paying a little more to have the right space and be there more full time over the 12 month course.... I’m pretty flexible and I can easily transfer my job to Brisbane if I go for the second option. Either way I’d still ideally be keen to make a home out of it as much as possible, and love to get along with future housemates as I do like to keep social but also enjoy some privacy as I would give the same to you. I’m a bit of a plant mum, sometimes not the best at it, but who is! I have a product design background and love everything creative, you find me designing plant stands and painting pots. I enjoy all adventures from camping, beach, snowboarding to Netflix binges. Do enjoy myself a few drinks here and there but also a nap too. Pretty clean gal, and have lived in many share houses so the respect will always be there. If you have a sweet place and think I could fit in or if you want to team up I’m down for it all.

Available 26 July 2020



Early bird

$180/week25 year old female

Hey guys, I'm Lexie, originally from Brissy, but have actually just moved home, from living overseas/also interstate for the past few years. I'm here to study & will be shortly commencing an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. I would say that because of my positive, easy-going and considerate personality you can live with me very well in a flat share. I don't smoke, I always clean up after myself and I am more than willing to help out with the shared housework. In the past, I have lived in many shared flats and have a good understanding of how to pick up on and respect people's need to have time and space for themselves. On the other hand, I also love living with people with whom I can make fun plans! Balance is always the key ;) Normally I like to go to dance classes after work/lectures or (with a lot of motivation 🙃) also jogging from time to time. If not, I cook, create my own artwork, study/will be working on designs or you can find me out and about in the city. Nature is actually my second home, so on weekends I usually like to spend a lot of time outside and do activities like hiking, cycling or meeting friends. And I am so excited to be living back near the beautiful beaches again, so guaranteed I will be spending as much time as I can there too!! If you feel like we'd get along - since I believe that's the most important thing, living together - then feel free to contact me! I'd be more than happy to come by, check out the place and get to know you better :)

Available 31 July 2020