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Dutton Park, Saint Lucia & Toowong Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Toowong, Indooroopilly, Auchenflower, Taringa

Hey, I'm a 20 year old student, taking a break from uni where I study IR and Japanese and am currently working full-time. I am an easy-going and considerate housemate (clean, tidy and pay bills on time). I enjoy a sneaky bev or two, and a good chat whether it's over dinner or the bachelor, but definitely understand and appreciate some quiet downtime - especially around exams!

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Juan Sebastian

Looking in: Saint Lucia, Woolloongabba, Milton, South Brisbane, West End

Hey, how is it going? :) My name is Juan Sebastian, 24 y/o, from Colombia, and I have been studying English at The University of Queensland for the last 6 months. Now that I have finished studying, I will be doing an internship for 3 months close to the city as an IT developer. Once I finish my internship, I will be moving overseas to take a break since I am starting a Master of Information Technology at QUT next year. My current tenancy ends on June 17th so I will be moving that day. Cheers !

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Looking in: East Brisbane, Woolloongabba, West End, Toowong, Saint Lucia, Taringa

Hi Guys Im starting my masters at UQ in july, I'm easy going, clean and respectful of others space but I also love occasional hangs/ fun night out and hope to find some people with similar interests to live with, preferably girls

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, Toowong, Indooroopilly, West End, Taringa

I am a chubby Chinese girl and about to study master degree for 2 years in UQ,St Lucia campus. My major is information system under commerce program. I love cooking Chinese food and I swear people who live with me may need to work out very often to keep fit. I am fond of body-building now, and playing guitar, all types of music,singing, reading and traveling. I am thinking we can take a house and share the rent, as living in the house enables us to have more freedom. And it would be better if my flatmates have the same interests as me. There is one point I need to say...that is I really afraid of spiders..So it would be better if my flatmates can "conquer" them...I am helpful , polite, considerate and willing to solve any problem we meer during the rent. If you want me to make my move date earlier or later ,pls contact me. I havn't buy airline ticket yet so everything can be changed. 

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Looking in: Brisbane City, Indooroopilly, Taringa, West End, Woolloongabba, Milton, Toowong, Saint Lucia

Hey there. I'm studying masters at UQ St. Lucia. My current accomodation is near UQ and would like to move to some new place around SEPTEMBER. I'm friendly, social and funny guy. Looking for nice guy/guys/gal/gals to move in with. Cleanliness is must. I'm Pure Vegetarian; hope that's not an issue. Ping me to know more or share house with me. Cheers.

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Looking in: Woolloongabba, Milton, Toowong, South Brisbane, West End, Auchenflower, Taringa

Hey! I'm Luke. I'm currently working full time in construction labour on the high rises so I'm out of the house from 5am to 5pm except Sundays and sometimes Saturdays. I am clean, well mannered, non smoker/non drinker. I like reading, cooking and exploring south east qld. Prefer a longer term situation.

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, Albion, Paddington, Milton

Easy-going, friendly, clean and tidy. Have lived in shared accommodation before so know what to expect. Love outdoors, good movies, friendly chats. Good with pets.

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Looking in: Paddington, Milton, Toowong, South Brisbane, West End, Kangaroo Point

Quite Busy with work and training, working part time atm, but at least 30 hours a week. Like to socialize as well and be involved.

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, Woolloongabba, Brisbane City, Milton, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Yeronga, West End, Auchenflower, Taringa

Hi! My name is Kamila and I'm exchange student and I'll study at The University of Queensland for one semester :) I'm from Poland and I study Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems at Warsaw School of Economics. I enjoy the nature, stunning views and spontaneous trips. I'm willing to know everything about the world, human mind, techonology (I love big data :D), different cultures. I'm also passionate about coffee, baking cakes ans cooking delicious meals (be sure you will never be hungry). I wish I will meet amazing pople in Australia, share experiences, spend time doing things I'll never forget and have fun!

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, New Farm, Rocklea, Cannon Hill, Dutton Park, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane City, South Brisbane, West End, Spring Hill, Acacia Ridge, Morningside, Auchenflower

Howdy! I work in a college kitchen in Saint Lucia. I am quitting smoking a.s.a.p, but if smoking is an issue, I am very happy to get as far from the premises as possible if I do go for a smoke! I have 1 bird with me who is very friendly, her name is Myla and she loves head scratches :) I enjoy art, games, cooking and gardening. I'd love a place where I can relax and work on my art projects. I'm super tidy and respectful of communal areas and personal space. Would love to hear from you!

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, New Farm, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Kangaroo Point

I'm pretty much laid back, easy going, friendly, tidy and organised. Not a party animal and messy person. I am busy with my routines (uni, study, gym) but I am keen to have a beer and watch a movie with my companion.

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Ayumi & Hyrum

Looking in: Greenslopes, East Brisbane, Milton, Yeronga, Norman Park, Saint Lucia, Sunnybank Hills, Toowong

Hey guys we are a young couple (23 and 26) looking for a place closer to UQ. Studying Commerce. Clean and tidy.

Couple23 - 26
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New | $300

Hélène Alexa

Looking in: Saint Lucia, Indooroopilly, South Brisbane, West End, Taringa

Hello everyone ! My name is Hélène Alexa, I'm a french student coming to study for a year in Brisbane. I hope I will be able to find a super great place to live with cool people. I'm quite easy to live with, and I respect everyone personal's space as I really do enjoy mine :) I just can't wait to arrive !

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Looking in: Fairfield, Highgate Hill, Dutton Park, Herston, New Farm, Red Hill, Petrie Terrace, Spring Hill, Auchenflower, West End, Paddington

Hey I'm Emily, I'm 19, studying Journalism at Griffith and work a part time job throughout the week along with an internship. Besides work and study, I like to read, craft, go outdoors and also tend to play a lot of video and computer games when uni is finished. So, with my moving in you will gain an Xbox 360 (that looks like R2D2!). I am very chill, easy to get along with, tidy and respectful of others privacy and I'm looking to move out once more!

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Looking in: Bowen Hills, Teneriffe, Toowong, South Brisbane, West End, Gordon Park, Chermside, Hamilton, Spring Hill, Ashgrove, Aspley, Newstead, Ascot, Bardon, Auchenflower, Brisbane City

AUGUST onwards... I am moving back to Australia FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST :) Currently living& working in Hong Kong, I don't smoke (i don't mind if you do) no pets (i don't mind if you do) I am tidy, clean, laid back & a little chatty but love to relax when home. I come with 2 suitcases and a bike. I love cycling, watermelon, travel and get along with pretty much everybody. My hobbies are blogging, photography. I will be studying part time at USQ (post grad) and working in Brisbane. Looking somewhere within 5ishkm to CBD. Preferably a quietish house (not a huge party house).. NORTH side.. not fussy just somewhere not too far away and with space for a car (can be on road parking) I hope to arrange a room before i arrive in Brisbane, it can be for 1 week, 1 month, 1 year (whatever suits the house). I can share my facebook, insta, youtube, blog etc with you so you know more about me before i arrive (so you know im not a creep). xxx

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Looking in: Teneriffe, New Farm, East Brisbane, Dutton Park, Paddington, Woolloongabba, Annerley, West End, Highgate Hill

I am a recent graduate of Fine art A hospo gun and professional Aestheticly minded Warm and emotional Accepting and flexible Tidy and responsible Social and inspiring :)

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Looking in: Bowen Hills, Milton, Toowong, Auchenflower

My name is Joseph and I am a 24 year old male. I have been living in Brisbane for a year now and love it here. I'm employed and reliable when it comes to paying the rent. I'm also neat and tidy and very easy to get along with. I'm looking primarily in Milton/Auchenflower/Toowong area

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Updated | $275

Sebastian & Melannie

Looking in: Fairfield, Chapel Hill, Saint Lucia, Kenmore, Greenslopes, Paddington, Fortitude Valley, Woolloongabba, Annerley, Milton, Toowong, Brisbane City, Indooroopilly, South Brisbane, Yeronga, West End, Spring Hill, Chelmer, Auchenflower, Taringa

We both are form South America. Recently married. So we are in the most wonderful days of our relationship. We are looking for place to live and also near our schools or place of work. It has to be $275 or less per week for the both of us (including bills). We have our own furniture for the room if needed, otherwise we can sell our stuff. We wouldn't like to share a bathroom, please no share bathroom places. We both work in food delivery and some other jobs (cleaning, couching). I am studying my undergraduate Biotechnology (Honours) at UQ St. Lucia. I am a full scholarship grantee from the Government of my country. Foreseen to graduate in December 2018. Now, my wife studies English at Langports near Brisbane city. She would culminate her English course in January. Then She would like to get a Management certificate. We are the most adorable couple in the world. We are known to be tidy and easy to live with. We are in a mature minded marriage, respectful, kind and overall supportive. We are not planning to stay in Australia after we finish our studies. the reason is simple, I have to come back to return the scholarship I was granted by my country. In other words, we are looking for place to call home until the duty call us in our country. Also, something crucial about what we want, it is to be considered as independent couple and have our privacy above anything. Hope you could grasp a little of what we are as couple. We do not bring any surprises as we are always sincere and honest of anything you may want to know. Again if you are considering to have us as guests in your home, we will always appreciate that gesture and we won't disappoint. Cheers.

Couple19 - 24
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Looking in: Saint Lucia, Toowong, South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill

Hi, my name is Stefanie and I am a research master's student from the Netherlands. I study Migration, Ethnic Relations & Multiculturalism at Utrecht University and I'm very excited to be doing research at the University of Queensland this summer. In my free time, I hope to explore some of Australia's beautiful nature. Moreover, I'm always up for doing something fun. I love cycling and swimming and I'm a big fan of the small independent cinemas in my hometown. I am looking for a room for the months June, July, and August (I will be leaving in the week of the 21st), preferably close to the UQ School of Psychology. I'd be very happy to share an apartment with other people, but during the weekdays I will probably at the University most of the day. So don't expect a party animal.

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Looking in: Dutton Park, Woolloongabba, Milton, South Brisbane, West End, Kangaroo Point, Highgate Hill

My name is Alison and I'm an American student who will be studying at the Queensland University of Technology starting in July. I'm 21 years old, and I live in Wyoming, a western state in the USA (think Yellowstone National Park and cowboys haha). Currently, I'm studying business Marketing, with minors in International Business and Graphic Design. One thing that I really enjoy doing is traveling, so I'm excited to be studying in Australia, and I can't wait to explore the country and the Asia-Pacific in general. I studied abroad in Germany last year, I love reading, and I also love playing sports, like basketball. I'm very hard working and responsible, and I love to laugh! Let me know if you need any other information from me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Looking in: Fig Tree Pocket, Milton, Toowong, Auchenflower

I love to cook, like to keep things clean and tidy and am a respectful, social guy. I work in IT but not in any normal sense =) and I travel quite a bit internationally for work. I'm passionate scuba diver and volunteer for several environmental charities and research programs around Queensland.

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Looking in: Saint Lucia

Hi, I am So Tanaka, currently studying at University of Queensland.

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Looking in: Bulimba, Kangaroo Point, Highgate Hill, East Brisbane, Spring Hill, Dutton Park, Saint Lucia, Toowong, Auchenflower, Milton, Red Hill, West End

I’m Messy, real messy, previous housemates have used biohazard tape around my belongings, and me… Dogs smell me and cry… I listen to horrible music, I’m loud, emotionally reactive, solipsistic, believe Illuminati are in control of the earth and may try to convert you… …. that probably went too far. The rest of this only works if you were hoping I was joking. I'm a pretty chill, compassionate and housetrained neuroscientist effectively on sabbatical for the next 6-12 months. I try to live healthy, sustainably and love animals. Generally work long hours but looking for a homely place where I can spend the odd day plugging away at the grants from the Deck. I have my own friends and do my own thing but it’d be great to live with a fun crew, have regular interesting conversations over a drink and the odd communal feast. If I could be what you’re after, give me a yell. It’d be cool to hear more about you and see the place. Cheers Troy

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Looking in: Saint Lucia, Brisbane City, Toowong, Indooroopilly

Hi there! My name is Tia, I'm a 17 year old, female, full time university student currently undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing at UQ, St. Lucia. I am currently living in a sharehouse although the commute is far too long so I'm looking to transfer somewhere closer to uni and work. I have a part/time casual job in the city and enjoy exercising, playing netball and regularly going to the gym. I am an extremely neat person who always keeps their area respectable and cleans up after themselves wherever they go. I am a people-person and get along with everyone as I have a very easy-going attitude. I am looking for a reasonable sized, unfurnished bedroom with a maximum budget of $180 p/week inclusive of bills and preferably internet but it's not a deal breaker I hope to hear from you! Thankyou!

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