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Brunswick, Coburg & Travancore Housemates & Roommates

New | $400

Rod & Teresa

Looking in: Preston, Thornbury, Clifton Hill, Northcote, Brunswick East, Brunswick

Hey! We're an Australian guy and a German girl looking for a new place to live at the end of July, as our current lease will be ending. At the moment we live in Preston and love the area, so we're looking around this side of Melbourne. We both work in hospitality (day shifts) and are often going on road trips out into the country on weekends. We're very clean and respectful of our other housemates in terms of noise and doing our share of the chores. We enjoy wine and beer out or at home, but we're not crazy party animals (any more haha) We're very friendly, well traveled types with many crazy stories and we're fun to live with. Neither of us eat meat and we both love cooking and dining guests. We currently live with meat eaters, so that's not a deal breaker. Rod has a car and would prefer off street parking if possible. If you would like to live with us, please let us know and we can catch up for a coffee or a beer! Cheers, Rod and Teresa

Couple30 - 34
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Updated | $220


Looking in: Fitzroy North, Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Collingwood, North Melbourne

I'm active and like to take part in a few different sports. I love food and cook a lot when I'm not busy. I tend to be quite tidy, mostly because I don't have a lot of stuff, but also always clean up after myself. Non smoker.

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New | $350

Lily & John

Looking in: Carlton, Thornbury, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Melbourne, Fitzroy, Richmond, Collingwood

Hi, We are John and Lily, a newly married couple from London moving to Melbourne in August. We are both 26 and love music, food, drink, and culture. We have lived in multiple house shares in London and Liverpool and are sociable, like to hang out, go to bars etc., but we also respect people's privacy and enjoy our downtime. We are clean and easy to live with. John will be working full time in recruitment and I will be looking to temp!

Couple26 - 26
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New | $400


Looking in: Fitzroy North, Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Princes Hill, North Melbourne

Hi there! I'm a working professional for 8 years in Hong Kong and recently moved to Melbourne for my master study. I'm both outgoing (ie. sporty) and enjoy the peaceful moments at home (ie. a movie). Food and wine lover but not into parties and don't smoke. Looking for a place that is relatively spacious, neat and tidy with plenty of sunlight! Open to look for female flatmates. Love animals but prefer a dog than a kitten if she has one. ;D

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New | $180


Looking in: Caulfield, Richmond, Coburg, Saint Kilda, Malvern East

Hi everyone! I'm a Japanese girl and am looking for a private room :) I'm very tidy, friendly, enjoy watching movie, hanging out with my friends.

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Updated | $275


Looking in: Parkville, South Melbourne, Flemington, Brunswick, Kensington, North Melbourne

I am a 26 year old Occupational Therapist starting work at a school in the Northern Suburbs. I enjoy cooking and baking and am neat and tidy. I love a wine or two and a chinwag but not looking for a party house.

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New | $300


Looking in: Northcote, Carlton, Southbank, Saint Kilda, Thornbury, South Yarra, Brunswick

Currently studying at La Trobe University. Easy going, pay bills on time, neat and would not mind hanging out and cooking dinner when time permits. Usually out doing either working or volunteering.

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New | $300


Looking in: Northcote, Fitzroy, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Collingwood

I've lived on my own for two years in South Yarra. While I've loved it, I am foreign with no family here. I can get bored on my own. I had previously lived with the same roommates for two years with no issues. I seem to live life in two year increments... Now I'm after a nice balance of my own space and the social aspect of sharing. I'm very into reading, wine, music, interior decor, pilates, singing, dancing, exploring Melbourne and laughing at Ex on the Beach. I like to keep my home beautiful so tidness will never be an issue. Animals love me and I them so if there's one in the house I'll definitely try to steal some snuggles. Move in date is very flexible and I have an entire apartment worth of furniture that I can bring along or sell whatever we don't need.

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Updated | $210


Looking in: Fitzroy, North Melbourne, Carlton, Carlton North, Parkville, Brunswick East, Brunswick

Hey guys! Engineering student here, studying in England. I'll be moving to Melbourne in July as an exchange student for a semester (until November/December). Looking for a place preferably with other students/young professionals in their 20s, not too far from U of Melbourne. Lots of years of experience of house sharing. I'm very easy-going and clean, enjoy cooking, exercise & sport, music and going out, but also appreciate some peace and quiet (especially when it comes to studying). Looking for others with similar interests, that can balance work and play.

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Updated | $300

Erica & Wail

Looking in: Parkville, Kensington, Brunswick West, Northcote, North Melbourne, Brunswick East, Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Princes Hill, Collingwood

Hi! I am Erica, 25 from Perth, with my partner Wail, 22 from Morocco. We are pretty new to Melbourne so are hoping to find a place where we can make some friends and feel at home. I work full-time in public health, and Wail works in hospitality as well as being an artist. He is very creative, plays guitar and loves working with his hands. Is super handy around the house. I mostly read and watch terrible movies. We love a good tv binge every now and then, and love to chat. Wail is an amazing cook if you ever want to share meals, we are both tidy and neat and I love to clean (honestly), but we both grew up in full houses and travelled a lot so we know how to live with others and go with the flow. We are very respectful of privacy, and especially sleep! Also we love animals so anything you have we will be super excited about. Hope to hear from you soon!

Couple22 - 25
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Updated | $300


Looking in: Fitzroy North, Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Brunswick East, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Parkville

I'm 21,queer, and studying in architecture at RMIT , I'm also working at a firm very close to uni in north Melbourne so it would NEED A perfect location for me. I hv basically everything for furnitures and just need to make sure if the room is big enough to fit my books and scrolls and books and desk etc,. Ps book lover , culinary expert and a feline hugger πŸ˜›

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New | $320


Looking in: Melbourne, Fitzroy, Southbank, Richmond, Brunswick East, Brunswick

Easy going, social and clean! Enjoy sports, films and video games. One of those weird people who actually enjoys cleaning so happy to do more than my fair share. Looking for a flatshare of like minded people who are as excited to explore melbourne for the next few months and maybe beyond! Graduated and worked as a doctor last 3 years but taking a bit of a break to do something different for a bit, aiming to stay here 6months-1year.

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New | $250


Looking in: Hawthorn, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Brunswick

Hi future housemates, I'm a full time PhD student looking for a place to live with my elderly lady cat who's been my companion for a great many years. I work part time at a university and I'm a freelance writer. I love hanging and chatting over a glass of wine and the occasional dinner with housemates as well as respect others' privacy. I'm quite politically minded and open to all ideas- so like minded housemates would be fab to hang out with and have interesting conversations. Anything I've missed just ask :)

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New | $200

Ivana & Nicole

Looking in: Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Collingwood, North Melbourne, West Melbourne

I’m 21 and have recently finished my bachelor in liberal arts and sciences in Amsterdam and studying biosciences at the Uni of Melbourne. I’ve spent 4 months living in Sydney working part-time and have lived alone during my studies in Amsterdam so I am on the ball with paying rent and doing my share of chores and dinner-making etc. at home. I’ve played the violin and viola for 10 years and love going to gigs and discovering new musicians, discovering incredible food places around town and running. While I love being out of the house and staying busy, I enjoy nights in with some good company, good music or movie and of course food and drinks! My best friend Nicole just graduated and is working as a graphic designer and also has training in working as a tennis coach. We are both mindful and respectful of personal space but definitely looking for a place we can actually feel at home and with a chilled, friendly vibe.

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Looking in: Kew, Fairfield, Northcote, North Melbourne, Fitzroy, Abbotsford, Brunswick

My name is Zack, I'm 25 years old and I'm currently seeking a private room in a share house. I feel I'm a friendly and fair person with a pretty good awareness of personal space and peoples emotions so I won't annoy the shit out of you don't worry. I work full time as a professional house painter. I work Monday to Friday and sometimes weekends too. Don't mind the odd bar sesh but I'm really into raves and doofs. I love all kinds of electronic music but l enjoy most music anyway. Part of my job is cleaning homes spotless after the paint work is complete so I tend to transfer that into my living space so it's not that I'm a neat freak it's just cleaning is sort of second nature to me and I enjoy a clean space anyway as I'm sure most people do. I also love to cook, especially for others. Hoping to meet some like minded individuals but I'm honestly open to anything. Let me know, thanks!

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Updated | $220


Looking in: Macleod, Kingsbury, Pascoe Vale, Bundoora, Reservoir, Heidelberg, Northcote, Brunswick, Coburg, Coburg North, Brunswick West, Preston

Friendly, non-smoking, mature aged student. Am fun loving and love to laugh. Enjoy the occasional quiet beer at the local or in the backyard. I am courteous, respectful of others' space, beliefs and belongings. I clean up after myself, still working on the cooking thing but have some specialties up my sleeves. And no, it's not 2 minute noodles ;o) I been a Melbournian now for around 8/9 months, have some family and friends here, but looking to find my own space somewhere. I'm an AFL fan, love music (particularly live gigs), all sorts of comedy. Love movies, reading and am a big fan of board games and trivia nights. I go to salsa class every week which is great fun.

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Updated | $100


Looking in: Carlton, Hawthorn, Fitzroy, Southbank, Saint Kilda, South Yarra, Melbourne, Brunswick, Footscray, West Melbourne, Parkville

Hi, my name is Su, I am moving from India to Melbourne by end Dec 2017 / First Week Jan 2018. I am a avid Traveller and love to explore new places, Food and Culture excites me, I believe in live and let live, rookie photographer as well. If you a petrol head we have a lots to talk about. :-) I respect views and opinions. I am quite a chilled out person with varied interests. You can ask me more.

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Updated | $250


Looking in: Melbourne, Saint Kilda, Brunswick, Fitzroy

The boring stuff: I'm clean, tidy and always do my chores. I've never missed a rent payment. I'm from England and won't be in Melbourne until August 7. The good stuff: I like to cook and bake - not saying I'm great at it, just that I enjoy it! I enjoy walking, hiking, cycling, weight lifting, reading and coffee! In fact, coffee is the reason I'm moving to Melbourne in the first place (WHV) - that and the sun. I look like a milk bottle, I need a tan ASAP. I get on with most people, I have no issues with gender, transgender, sexuality or even politics. I just want to meet lots of people and get on and have fun! Well, I think that's everything, thanks for reading! Brad.

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New | $600

Danish, Pushkar & Anurag

Looking in: Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Carlton, Saint Kilda East, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Southbank, Southern Cross, Altona North, Altona Meadows, Saint Kilda, Brunswick West, South Yarra, Richmond, Brunswick East, Flinders, Brunswick, Ascot Vale

we are International students from India studying at RMIT University. funny out going and caring.

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Updated | $310


Looking in: Carlton, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Fitzroy, South Yarra, Werribee, Brunswick, Yarraville, Williamstown, Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Sunshine

Ok so Ive not used this site before but I've received a few weird messages from people with listings on here that apparently require to know my weight lol Last I checked this isn't tinder and my weight does not affect my ability to pay rent... But just to address you all without getting annoyed via pm I AM FAT. Which you would have found out for yourselves after a meet and greet anyway. Now that we've cleared that up 😜🀣 I have a range of preferred locations. One being as close to the CBD as possible because I work there weekdays. Which I am happy to pay up to $310 weekly & the other is out west towards Point Cook/Hoppers Crossing area as I spend most weekends there but I'd be looking to spend a little less given it's so far from the city and housing is cheaper in those areas. I'm pretty easy going and don't drink. Some trivia and dinner with the ladies is my idea of a night out these days. I like to maintain a clean house. Love a sleep in on a Saturday lol Have been dieting for the last few weeks so prefer someone who isn't going to help drive me back into my old eating habits πŸ˜‚πŸ”« I'm pretty sociable but enjoy my private space as well. Please note I can't move until end of August /September. I would really prefer an ensuite or somewhere where I don't have to share a bathroom :) Not a fan of cats so I'm probably not the right housemate for you if you keep one indoors. I don't however mind dogs :) Would love a house share with either only one other person or 2 max otherwise it gets too crowded. I'm pretty easy to get along with and would hate to make anyone feel like they had to be a room hermit in their own house. We can chill long as you're kickback πŸ™‚βœŒπŸ½& finally yes I'm a smoker but that's restricted to outdoors. Sorry about the essay haha but tried to give u as much info as possible so you can decide if we'd be a good fit. Not keen on: - party houses - drug users - anyone with a new tinder date every night After reading all the above I feel like I come across completely uptight πŸ˜‚ But I promise I'm not. I understand you'll want to unwind after a long day at work and don't mind you having your family and friends over.

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Looking in: Northcote, Carlton, Fitzroy, Coburg, Saint Kilda, South Yarra, Brunswick, Footscray

19 yr old Student from Perth, WA looking to move interstate currently renting in Perth so understand roles and responsibilities of living with others, love to chat and get to know people, clean and quiet, love to explore and read. needing accom for 3 months or more, won't be in city until 17th of july Studying early childhood teaching at Curtin Uni, and and animal lover! Not looking for a room share, private room only

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New | $350


Looking in: Brunswick, Melbourne, Flinders

Full time fashion student who'll be new to Melbourne. Love dogs, easy going, social & friendly, looking for fun & friendly flat mates who I can get along with and confide in while I journey into becoming a Melbs local. I'm a very committed & tidy person who'll happily pay rent fee's on time all the while having good banter. Wanting to be in the heart of the city to access study grounds and shopping sales.

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Looking in: Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Ascot Vale, Avondale Heights, Sunshine, Braybrook, Maidstone, Footscray, Maribyrnong

Relaxed, quiet (mostly), clean, respectful.

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New | $180

Anthony & Danny

Looking in: Saint Kilda East, Windsor, Prahran, Saint Kilda, Richmond, Toorak, Saint Kilda West, Brunswick, North Melbourne

Danny and I are English and we're fully equipped with dry wit, sarcasm, puns, innuendos and banter. Danny and I aren't a couple but we do want to share a room so that we can save money to travel Asia, plus I wouldn't want anyone else having to put up with Danny and his snoring and grating Yorkshire accent. We're both labouring and we do dabble in the occasional drink, but - like i said - we're saving so we don't plan on partying too hard. We're tired and frustrated off dirty hostel kitchens and untidy, too cold one minute or too hot the next rooms and smelly douchie whiny bunk mates. Oh yeah and creaky, uncomfortable bunk beds. If you could save us from this pit of annoyance and uncleanliness, please open up your heart and allow us to be happy again in a nice but affordable room...with twin beds please.

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