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$250/week20 year old non-binary

Hello! My names Alex. I'm 20 and nonbinary (they/he pronouns). First things first, I do have cats and am disabled so I can't work. I wanted to state that before anything else as I understand that it may be a deal breaker to a lot of people. What I'm looking for: My preference would be a self contained granny flat or studio apartment for just my cats and myself, however, I am also okay with a sharehouse with 1-2 others. My main goal is simply something stable and affordable. I can afford about $250, maybe $270 per week, with bills included. If I can have my own bathroom, that would be fantastic, but I am flexible on that. I'm also more than happy with going outside the suburbs I selected, as long as it's no more than an hour ish drive away from the city centre. About me: I am a very creative person, spending a lot of my spare time drawing or reading. Pre-pandemic, I was studing 3d animation. I enjoy being able to have my own space to decompress and relax. Although, when i'm not overstimulated, I can happily parttake in conversations on the most random things, or sitring down to watch a show together. I have always aimed to be as independent and self-sufficient as I possibly could, and have been living out of home since late high school. I am good at planning, budgeting and organising. I try to keep all my areas and common areas tidy, and set chore goals and time frames for myself to make sure I get things done. I do also have a support worker who comes out once a week and helps me with a variety of things. Any left over time is usually spent cleaning up a tad more. Open communication is very important to me, especially due to me being autistic. I won't always pick up on nonverbal clues, so I rather people tell me directly if something is going on. I don't mind if that is thru text or in person, as half my friends are introverts with bad social anxiety so they rather text. I also try to do the same, if there's an issue or an important topic regarding the house, I will let the other know and have a conversation about it to figure out the next course of action. My cats: I have 3 fur babies; Cleopatra, Pumpkin Spice and Luna. Cleo is the eldest, she is a 10 year old manx. She can be a bit of a grump and take a little while to warm up to new people, but once she does she is very loving. Next is Pumpkin Spice, she is a 6 year old ginger cat. She is a very affectionate cat, and enjoys playing with the cat wand. Finally Luna, she is my 9 month old kitten. She's a little cheeky and lives to play. But once shes finished her zoomies, all she wants is cuddles. All my cats are vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and indoor only cats. There is a possiblity of me only having 2 of my cats by the time I move, as Luna may be getting rehomed. She was rescued by a friend of mine from an abusive and neglectent household. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't able to keep her, so I took her in. I would love to keep her as I adore her, but depending on what place we get, and how long it takes for me to get one, it may not be an option. At very least, I did ensure all her medical needs were met. If you have any questions you need to ask or any rooms to offer that could work for me, please feel free to send me a text! Thank you!

Available 5 July 2022