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Saf & Laura

Saf and Laura

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$500/week29-33 year old male and female

We're an Aus/Kiwi couple new to the Gold Coast area. Ideally looking for a room in a lively share house with similar aged people that still know how to have a bit of fun. We also don't mind a quieter place but seeing as we're both new to the area somewhere with a bit more going on is better. We've lived in share houses all our 20's so are well housetrained, we always pay our way and do our share. We are clean and tidy but don't really care if others aren't so. Laura is one of people that cleans before the cleaner comes. Very social but also not sesh gremlins. Definitely not one of those couples that only hangs out with each other. We work together in social media brand management and marketing. We work from home but between sports and eating out we're not crazy shut ins. Laura is also a Psychologist with her own projects and may take on a position at Griffith in the near future. If theres a study or spare room we would be more than willing to negotiate with for that space too. When I have spare time I invest/trade/lose crypto. Not a crypto bro though and won't trap you in convos about it. We usually travel full-time so I guess you can call that our hobby. Outside of work and travel I (Saf) train brazilian jiu jistu super casually and will probably try pick up golf or something else while here. Laura rides dressage and will most likely get a horse soon out at a stable. She also gets into her yoga and loves to sit on her phone at the gym. In general we're super easy going and get on well with all types. Poisons wise we like a drink but don't smoke ciggies however we don't mind if the rest of the house does. Anything else you want to know just ask or stalk our pages @actualpschology @saf5000

Available 22 May 2021



Free to message

$300/week34 year old male

I'm looking for the below but am flexible. If you think I might fit with you, message me and we can see. I'm looking for two airconditioned rooms with own bathroom preferably, one a bedroom and one an office as I may have work from home options with work. A biggish kitchen would be cool, to not be squished in when cooking. At least a small, secured back yard needed for the doggie. Happy to team up with someone to share a place or move in somewhere existing. Looking to be out of my current place before the beginning of May 2021. I've been living and working on the GC for a year now and the landlord isn't renewing the lease on my current place, due to wanting to do some renovations. So I'm looking for somewhere near my work, around Robina/Varsity lakes to move to. I've been enjoying living in Nerang but even closer to work would be awesome. I ideally want to go halves in all utilities and rent for the right place, although I'm a big believer in not skimping on power for aircon when it's hot or a good internet connection. My doggo is a two year old Staffy Cross Terrier and is pretty well behaved, spending the day outside and then sleeping inside with me. He would be happy with another dog to keep him company but has mostly lived alone before. Ideally, we'd need to be somewhere with a smallish yard and where it's okay for him to hang out inside while there's people home, as he's the sort of dog that just wants to be around people and loves everyone so look forward to being adopted as a new uncle or aunt! As for me, I'm a total geek and would feel comfortable with other geeks but generally pretty friendly with anyone. I like to cook for other people, watch tv shows, play video games, and read. I am gay but pretty tame all things considered. I'm more likely to stay in with my computer than be out partying or hosting parties at home. I keep up with the housework and cleaning but am not very outdoorsy so I'm happy to trade indoor jobs for garden maintenance or go halves in someone to help. Kitchen cleanliness is a big must for me. I would feel more comfortable sharing with another open minded male than a female but I'm not fussy with the right people if I feel there's a connection and compatibility. I'm a non smoker but am a drinker and enjoy singing and loud music on occasion, at reasonable times though, of course. I come with full Netflix, DIsney+, Stan, and Amazon Prime access, which I'm usually happy to share. Work for me is anywhere between 8am to 8pm weekdays usually. I am permanent part time in a call centre. Anything else you want to know about me, drop me a message and I'll answer.

Available 30 April 2021