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Cauvery Kariappa

Cauvery Kariappa

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$500/week32 year old woman

Hi there. My name is Cauvery and I migrated from India to Adelaide in April/May to pursue my passion for the field of science. I'm 32 years old and love to meet new people, make new friends and pursue my zeal for everything life! I'm also slowly learning about all the wonderful things that Adelaide has to offer an old soul like me! 😇 PS: Landlady's reference at this link for your review 😊: I consider myself a combination of balance - I'm a social butterfly who also appreciates the importance of boundaries and personal space. I love art, creative ventures, good food and good movies. I love animation and horror genres although I'll watch the former with wide eyed excitement and the latter with eyes half closed 😑 As a housemate: You'll find that I'm often busy in my own world but always game for intriguing conversations and making fun weekend plans. I also love music and can be found peacefully lost to tunes on my headset. I’m usually very quiet, except when raiding the fridge for snacks. I don't smoke or drink, but I am a fitness enthusiast who’s also learning to cook (with middling success) 🥺 As a tenant: You’ll find that I’m extremely easy to get along with and I abide by all rules. Hygiene and Cleanliness are MASSIVE pet peeves and I love to keep the home spick and span. I love to eat food and I’m learning to cook as well. Desperate times call for desperate measures 😅 I always pay my rent on time, and if possible, I prefer to pay it in advance as that saves both of us the hassle. A happy owner and happy tenant are a win-win! 💕 If you think I'd make the perfect housemate / tenant and it seems like we will be a good match, please drop me a message. No seriously, drop me a message. The last thing I want to be is homeless and swimming around Henley Beach with the seals 🤣

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