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$280/week18 year old male

Hi! My names Tim, easy to remember by just thinking of the beloved Australian treat Tim Tams, which unfortunately is not where my name comes from ahaha - Oh and I almost always reply, so pop whatever questions you have! ******* Short Disclaimer : If you are planning on sending a message about share-houses, renting etc. Please read through the whole thing so you can have a good grasp of my personality and whether we are a good fit, I'd much rather having a good housemate and being one, rather than a sweet location or fancy place overall. Oh and I'd much appreciate it if you also told me about yourself as well (Hobbies, odd personality quirks besides the usual clean and friendly haha), and not just talk about the place/listing. Thank you! ******** I'm currently looking to move out somewhere by the end of this year, but I'm not exactly in a rush so whether it's around October, Nov or Dec I’m fine with either, though more importantly to me is finding the right roommates, so I’m incredibly interested in team ups. I live around Macquarie centre as of currently, not too picky with the exact locations but ideally not too far near the edge of Sydney, such as in Cronulla though if you seem like a really cool roomie to be with I don’t mind compromising : ) I’m also looking for a job at the moment, though I have roughly 3 months worth of rent saved in the bank, and receiving youth allowance so rent should not become an issue as long as it's not like a long lease near my limit ( though I totally understand if you have any suspicions, especially since I'm 18) . More than the location or the budget, I’m interested in searching for a roomie/s who are like minded ( I mean who isn’t?) so someone who I could potentially be really good mates with and not just a random person I live with, though of course I respect personal space. I’d ideally be looking for someone close to my age bracket but I’m cool with you being in your twenties or early 30s as I’ve often been told I’m an odd mixture of an excited toddler and an old soul, I also don’t mind whether you're guy, girl or identify as otherwise, as long as you’re someone I’d get along with it’s all fine with me. I’ve listed further down below essentially a bio of me, so please check it out and if you think you and and I would get along as some really dope friends than please feel free to throw a message over. We could schedule a hang out at a cafe, park or whatever floats your boat, to see if we’d be a good match and see how things go on from there! Thanks for reading this long ass paragraph : D Oh and also the duration which I stay is also flexible, I might stay there longer again if we hit it off and have a really good time hanging together! . . . . . ABOUT ME: Hey so probably one of the things you noticed in the profile pic (along with my shit-eating grin...) is i'm a dude with really long ass hair, and I’m wearing eyeliner and you probably were thinking, the heck? I’m LGBT myself being gay, though the greatest irony is I’m also lactose intolerant so I can’t have Golden Gay Times : ( So for any women out there, I would like to say if you are worried about having a guy as a roommate, I guarantee I won't be hitting on you, and I’m pretty decent at doing makeup, so like, you get shiny things around your eyelids ahaha if you want. And for any guys who might be offset by this, I assure you that I won’t make things awkward, flirting etc. The only thing you’ll have to deal with is my terrible puns, and some occasional knock knock jokes, and to be honest, I’ve been told by my friends they never really took account into the fact I’m gay but more of that I’m just wickedly hilarious, so I hope you aren’t put off by this in choosing a roommate. Oh and if we do meet up in real life, you'll find i'm just someone seems like he's in dire need of any caffeine, my bathroom lighting just happens to be amazing which is why my skin looks nice in the profile pic hahaha I consider myself incredibly friendly and outgoing but can also flip like a switch and be incredibly introverted and keep to my own space, I’m aware everyone needs their own down time and will of course respect that, although I would really like having a roomie who doesn't mind some chaotic spur of the moment adventures! So essentially I'd like someone who's understanding, but also more on the extroverted side, like they would frequently randomly knock on my door inviting me to some crazy adventure they had in mind, i.e spontaneously going to woolies to get ingredients so we could make ice cream, not sure why but sounds fun. I enjoy cooking every now and then, so if you aren’t a big fan of cooking I could make some meals for you, so free meals! I also like to hike quite frequently and just overall travel in the outdoors, though I also have a streak for gaming, playing the guitar, and singing the last two which I will always try my best not to disturb you, and do it when you are out, though if you also like singing we could do duets : ) ( If you really dislike moderately loud sounds, especially if the walls are thin, then maybe I won't be the right fit unfortunately, if it's the opposite then we can have an epic jammin sesh!) So overall, I’m looking for housemate where we aren’t just two people that live in the same place but actually good friends with, chat, laugh, hang out and you probably making fun of my terrible puns hahaha, so if that sounds like you please don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions about literally anything : ) Whether it’s for a team up and you’re looking for someone else to move in with, we can plan out stuff. If you think I’d be a cool addition to your place and that we’d be a great match like Oreos and milk, please throw a message! PS. I know this is an incredibly long bio, so congratz if you actually read all of it !

Available 10 November 2020