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$200/week25 year old male

Wassup 😀 Giri here 😉 I work full time and I am looking forward to teamup or find a good accommodation in Wollongong. Since contact number is not allowed to put i am writing it in a different way so computer don't understand.. So it's 1st 3 digits are 0406 then it's 350 and last is 250. Hope you will be able to decode this and contact me. And now something about myself 😀 I am a very disciplined,highly clean & tidy, fun loving and very friendly guy. A goal oriented person who lives the life to the fullest each my free time I like to engage myself doing exercise and Yoga or if I have company then like to go beach or swimming or explore hiking or some kinda adventure or sports.. I love watching movies when I am having food or before sleep and weekends i love catching up with friends or go dinner with roomates and have a blast. I like to make the house a home with everyone taking care of the house and taking care of each other when needed help, like any family will do when they stay together. My friends also call me a spiritual guru, as I am a sorted guy and highly intellectual and like to guide people in understanding their own emotions and state of mind when they are stuck in mess to make better decisions for themselves.. Hmmm that's to much already about me.. I guess we have to stay together to explore more 😉 kindly please get back to me if u want to have me as your roommate or if you would like to teamup as I have found some beautiful houses but need more people to join me in the house. Looking forward for it 😊 Thanks 😉 cheers 🍻

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$300/week39 year old male

*I’m looking for an upgrade from my own 2 bedroom apartment that I’ve been renting (2 bedroom, 2 bathroom/own bathroom, elevator, secure off-street parking). Mature, Independent (buy own groceries, cook reasonable time of day). Quiet, respectful, reliable with rent, expect to pay bond, understand receipts & double-ledger accounting. Understand legal tenancy, additional occupant, strata bylaws, body corporate etc. Legitimate consistent rental history. Barely drink only social, not to excess. Genuine non-smoker (not even Marijuana), drug free doesn’t interest me, mature grown out of the party scene, classify me as social but reserved. Previously been an Airbnb superhost, I’ve seen & experienced the best & worst of it all, ‘I don’t suffer fools’. That’s the reason why my budget and expectations of a property are higher, but not unreasonable 'Quality not quantity'. Eye for detail, cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance, I won't disrespect or damage your property (I’m more likely to add value & maintenance) as I’d rather live in a harmonious, comfortable home, & receive my bond back end of lease. I learned maturity and necessity for domestic duties moving out of home at 16, & in the military (Army). I study a bachelor of Nursing at UOW, casual contract labourer for work, and spend majority of my time away from the house. I’m a casual dog walker for an owner of a Siberian Husky, so I can live with and know how to handle and look after animals. Experienced alot of flatmates con you, tell you after the fact they have a freeloader partner or friends use place as a drop in centre, you’ll never find another flatmate like them, are alcoholics, immature, and don’t pay rent or bond on-time... well I can prove I’m not like 1 of them, receipts & statement showing my consistency paying rent. I have empathy for people’s plight, no empathy for the tight arse who wants everything for nothing type, I steer clear of strife & lowlives as I’m looking for peace and quiet. I have no preference for male or female flatmates, I’ve lived with both, as long as the place is hygienic, not disturbing anyones peace, I'm only there to sleep (occasionally socialising when you want to meet, or share meals/eat). I don’t move in with intent to date flatmate, I’m a comfortable single straight cis male, no excess baggage, ex-wives, kids, anything to cause disharmony. I’m the social sensible one of my group of friends. Definitely not naive or PC, so much so I’ve been trusted in some very interesting private circles, nothing illegal, I’m just very empathetic and easy to get along with. So as you can see I’m upfront enough not to play games with flatmates. *parking offstreet as I have a motorbike, & I have my own space currently, most apartments have atleast 1 designated carspace per apartment, or atleast a designated spot for group of motorbikes as they take up less space.

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