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Early bird

$250/week25 year old female

Hello I’m Thea! And I’m super bad at bios 25 year old cat Mumma, working in retail (Westfield carindale) I’m ultra creative, I draw, paint, make lil sculptures out of clay, make music and occasionally dj I nearly always have headphones in cause I love music and weirdly prefer it through headphones I’m social but respectful, I love a good drink (not wine ick) I love going out to gigs and shows ( pre covid waaah) I love a good chat and some banter but I’m also pretty quiet at home, I don’t do the kick on thing or pre drinks thing, I’m a grandma after a few drinks I just want a kebab and sleep so I’m not really a party gal so don’t worry about that! Looking for a house where I can bring my little luv Alfie, he is the sweetest little cat you’ll ever meet, he is indoor only which makes finding a share house a lil tricky because he can’t go outside, preferably looking for a place where he can be at home too, he’s a rescue so he gets a lil bit anxious around new people, he wil warm up though, don’t worry he won’t leave lots of hair around or pee in weird places, he might steal your corn chips though (he is a corn chip gremlin) I’m clean, tidy, honest and reliable and always end up great friends with the people I live with I’ve been looking for one bedroom flats but the rental market is unbearably competitive right now, I’ve done the share house thing for 7 years now so I know all the ins and outs of share housing so very happy to find a little share house If you have a listing you think suits me please send me a message, I need to be out of my beautiful home by end of November because my lease is up and they’re selling

Available 10 November 2020



Early bird

$320/week34 year old female

Moving date flexible* Lease length flexible* Location flexible but i do prefer being close to the river* Prefer own bathroom but am flexible* I have a 27kg dog - can't consider apartments unless they're ground floor with a yard of some kind Hey, I'm Shelley, 34, been living in Brisbane for many years but I'm originally from England. I'm an Aus citizen now but am well travelled, bilingual, and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. I am an ambivert - I love the best of both worlds. I like quiet nights in, hanging out with whomever, watching movies or having chats but I also like going out and being social with friends, trying new things (going horse riding this weekend for example) etc. I go to gigs fairly often - I love live music mucho. I have recently taken up painting - I am absolutely awful at it haha but I find it therapeutic. I'm pretty neat and tidy and am respectful of my roommates and their privacy. I like roomates who I get along with as it makes it fun to be at home and whilst I do enjoy my own company, it's sometimes nice to also have people to talk to at the end of the day. I do like my privacy and some time out to recharge my batteries so sometimes I'll scuttle off to my room for a TV/movie binge. My jobs involve talking to and being around a lot of people all the time so I enjoy a peaceful home mostly. I'm currently working from home (full time hours at a bank) Mon-Fri and on weekends/nights I am a musician. A bit about my dog Snoop: he is a rescue. He is an almost 1.5 year old Bull Arab x Maremma Sheepdog, he's toilet trained, loves being wherever people are and is very affectionate and playful. He has a lot of energy so we walk daily and go to dog park whenever possible. He sleeps inside in a crate near me but during the day if i am not home I'd put him outside to play. He has loads of toys and chew treats to keep him occupied but he loves other dogs (even little dogs-he is well socialized) and people so if you ever wanted to play with him, it would be very welcome. I'm looking for a place with friendly, neat people. I don't mind a few dirty dishes here and there but colossal amounts of mess would probably get to me. My dog is also very important to me so you'd need to be happy living with him. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask :)

Available 30 November 2020



Early bird

$230/week30 year old female

I’m a working professional looking for a great place to live! I'm relocating to Brisbane with a great new job, starting Monday 2nd November - so looking for a place that is a great fit anytime from now. 😄 ABOUT ME: I'm super friendly, easy going and happy, clean and respectful. I am respectful with noise, love a chat and to be social but am also happy to spend time chilling by myself. I work full time and work hard, enjoy running, fitness in general, social sports, active adventures and hanging out with cool people. 😄 I also love music - I play guitar and sing (but never when it will disturb my awesome housemates 😉) and love checking out local open mic nights. MY IDEAL PLACE: I love living in households that are easygoing, friendly, relaxed and respectful. I'm a positive & happy person & also love being around happy people! I'm a tidy person & clean up after myself, and am happy to do my fair share of the work. I like living in clean places... BUT am also not a crazy clean freak - I'm easygoing, chilled and friendly and prefer to live with people who take the same approach. I love living with people who also enjoy a good chat and being social (preferably around my age - 20’s or 30’s). I also am very career-minded and like to be well-rested for work... plus love my sleep in general. So for me a household that is nice & quiet at night & early hours of the morning is a must, and where sound doesn't carry heaps between rooms / from the kitchen into the rooms etc. I'm always super careful not to disturb others when they're sleeping as I can be a light sleeper myself. This means a place where sound doesn't carry between the walls (and/or the rooms are well spaced out) is perfect - so I don't feel like I am disturbing anyone else with a reasonable amount of normal living noise at times and also get my own beauty sleep. 😉

Available 31 October 2020