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$220/week44 year old male

My name is Chris. I’m clean, and house-trained. I'm not racist, sexist or homophobic. I follow a mainly wholefoods plant-based vegan diet, but am totally respectful of others food preferences. I’m a virgo, if that’s important. I’m mostly a fairly quiet soul, but I really enjoy meeting new people and good chats over coffee, tea, beer, wine, whatever your poison. My first passion is music: listening to it and occasionally making it (I play bass), and going to gigs (sigh...) - I’m particularly into indie, dreampop, rock, post-punk, darkwave and electronic music plus the odd guilty-pleasure… I’m always on the lookout for new music to fall in love with. I am an atheist. I love bike riding, and walking I respect the environment, love being in nature and do my best to lessen my impact on the planet. I have an interest in politics and the way the world is run. I love photography - I’m often taking photos of random things. Occasionally the photos aren’t bad. I enjoy reading - some fave authors: Will Self, William Gibson, Kurt Vonnegut, Anna Funder. I do love a good film too (but doesn’t pretty much everyone?) My favourite film is "Withnail And I”. I like to think that I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh, joke and smile, but am also fascinated by the darker aspects of life. I have most of my life as a public servant, but now I'm working part time for Buchi Kombucha, and am doing admin and design work for a nutrition startup I have travelled overseas a fair bit, from living in London, Berlin and Canada, to many holidays in Europe and a trip to India. I love animals - cats in particular I enjoy gaming - boardgames, cards, computer games, etc. Love trivia nights too I’m not particularly into sport, but I do enjoy cricket, don’t mind a bit of soccer, and enjoy the odd game of squash with one of my besties too, though we're still a bit hazy on all the rules.... There's probably something really obvious about me that I've left out...

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Early bird

$200/week25 year old female

I am organised, clean and tidy! I’ll have a chat to you and make you wonderfully healthy food, but I’ll also take time out to myself and leave you be at times. A weekly cleaning roster is the ultimate goal for a share house! I’m pretty chill and appreciate a spacey kitchen. I regularly juice and make smoothies every day so I need to find someone who is 100% okay with this. I’ll generally prepare the night before so I’m not making noise early in the morning! During the week I usually keep to myself. I also study part time so I am quite busy! I’m both a morning and night person depending on what I’ve got going on in my life! I do love a good sleep in on the weekend, but don’t expect house mates to walk on egg shells to keep the noise down - just general courteous acts of kindness that go both ways 😊 I have a low tolerance for passive aggressiveness haha! I prefer a mature and non-emotionally charged conversation to sort things out and for people to be kindly upfront if something is bothering them. I’m after like minded people who actively practise non judgement and do not view the world as black and white - and allow others to make their own choices freely. But hey, we are all human and ultimately aren’t perfect (I am certainly not and don’t expect anyone else to be!) I am always up for conversations about the universe, astrology, aliens, Medical Medium, natural medicine and the miraculous journey of life.

Available 1 August 2020



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$275/week28 year old female

Hey potential housemate/s 😊 I’m an easy going and respectful person, super clean and tidy and very house proud. I enjoy getting out, exploring and socialising and enjoy a few drinks on a weekend however equally love to chill at home and a good Netflix binge. Love to cook for people and entertain, not wanting a big party house but always open for either of our friends to come over 😊 I work full time, Monday to Friday, in construction and work pretty long days. I’m looking for a housemate that I have a good connection with so home is comfortable and enjoyable, I’ve always lived with friends or have become good friends with previous housemates through flatmates. I’m looking to team up for a place in either the New Farm, Teneriffe, Newstead area or West End area, I’m not 100% set on the area it would depend on the most suitable place and value for money. Looking for a relatively new apartment, a 2 bed 2 bath, it would be great to have the additional facilities such as communal areas, gym and pool too, but not a dealbreaker. I come with literally a house full of new furniture ( fridge, washing machine, lounge, dining setting, outdoor furniture, and kitchen stuff etc) all purchased within the past 18months during my current lease, so you’ll realistically only need your bedroom furniture. My current lease is up on 17th September, so ideally I’ll need to be moving about a week before that (or between 4th-12th September) I’m getting in super early so there’s plenty of time to find a suitable housemate and place to live in. Let me know if you are interested in a team up 😊

Available 11 September 2020