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$300/week23 year old female

Heyy! 🌞 I'm Erika, 23, from Finland. I've been living in Australia for two years now. I just moved to Gold Coast from Noosa two months ago. I'm living in Burleigh at the moment and I'm absolutely loving it. Unfortunately I just got to know that the property I'm living in is on sale now and I'll have to move out. When I arrived to Goldy, I spent a month living in AirBnbs looking for a home for myself. And when I finally found it and got to settle down, I need to move again which is a bit of a shame :(. So, I'm on the hunt for a home again! At the moment I'm living with one flatmate but he's away most of the time, so I'd love to find a "social home" where there's people around. Definitely not meaning a party house, but just some company would be amazing. I love getting outdoors, if I'm not home you'll probably find me from the beach or surfing. Also enjoy casual drinks and don't mind a night out every now and then. 💃🏼 I'm also pretty adventurous person so weekends away and all in all good times together, sounds good to me! I'm a full-time Building Design student (at the moment on my two weeks easter break) and due to current circumstances I'd be studying from home. As long as long as it doesn't bother you it's not gonna bother me though. :) I'm financially stable, trustworthy and tidy flatmate. Rent is always guaranteed on time. As much as I enjoy socialising I respect everyone’s privacy. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! :) 🤙🏼🌞 Can't wait to hear from you! x Erika

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