Are you the mum in your share house?



In celebration of Mothers’ Day, we’re putting our dressings gowns on and pouring ourselves a dry white wine for the ultimate Mothers’ Day content and asking the big question – are you the mum in your share house?

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Mother knows best and if you are the mum in your share house, you definitely already know this. But for those at aunty stage, hoping to hit mum status stat, check our handy guide below to determine once and for all, who is the ultimate mum in your share house.

You are always feeding everyone

Mums love to feed. Nothing is worse than a hungry child and so your share house mum will ensure your tums and hearts are always full. Baked goods on the bench? Mum got ya! Full fruit bowl? Mum got ya! Spontaneous spag bol on a cold winter’s night? You bet, mum got ya.


The way to a share house’s heart is through its stomach, so if you’re hoping to up your mum status, pick up an extra packet of Tim Tams at the super to share ok?

You worry when your flatmates get home late

When you finally tun the light off at 10:30pm to head to bed and your flatties aren’t home – you begin to worry! Are they ok? Will they be coming home late and who with? Are they catching public transport and need to walk home late from the train station by themselves?


Either way, in perfect mum-like behaviour, you leave a light on for your babies so they can come home to a warm house.

You head to your flatmate’s room with a cuppa to catch up on the goss

So your flatmate is heading out for the night but you’re having a quiet one in? Obvi you want to chat and gasbag before they head out, so you brew your cuppa and head straight for their room where they’re going through their pre-night out beauty routine.


We all know the best chats happen over a cuppa and a pre-game.

You’re choosing a wholesome weekend in your hood over the clerb

You’re really excited for the weekend because you’re going to have a super wholesome time hitting up your local farmers market. You’re on the hunt for some delish produce for your meal prep and for the potluck dinner you’ll be having tonight with your friends who live down the road.


Of course, you’ll ride your bike to the market as a bit of “active recovery” and take an arvo nap before the night of socialising. Sunday will be spent doing some chores and baking muffins and you legit cannot wait.

You prefer brunch over cocktails

Your friends ask to catch up because they haven’t seen you in so long and they’re thinking cocktails or dinner or both. Due to the aforementioned wholesome weekend you’ve got planned, you vote brunch. They can order a mimosa or two if they need to.


You get frustrated at the mess

Key mum behaviour is the fact that you cannot relax unless the house is clean. Which means no activities on the weekend or Netflix can begin until the dishes have been put away and the shower has been scrubbed.


Clutter gives you anxiety and a clean home is a happy home after all. You take it as a personal attack when your flatmate/child leaves a dish in the sink, which is a probably a sign that mum needs to chill the f out.

You want to meet your flatmate’s date before they go out

So your flatmate is going on a date with a rando from Hinge who was sending some spicy af albeit weird messages. They’re coming over to have a bev before hitting the local and obviously you have to meet them to give your tick of approval.


You delay your evening shower/pj routine so you’re respectable to meet them like the ma that you are. Like any rebellious child, your flatmate will head out whether you’re keen on the date or not and they will be hearing all about your first impression over coffee and bagels (that you sourced from the local bakery) tomorrow morn.

We love our mums! Whether celebrating with your OG, your girlfriends, your sisters, your aunties or your share house ma, we wish a happy mothers day to all.





Claudia is Flatmates' Community Manager. She loves her share house, her plants and her side-hustles.