Finding the perfect flatmate

on 7 September 2015 by Jen

A new flatmate is one of the best things about share accommodation because they reinvigorate the household, keeping things lively.


But a new flatmate only achieves this if they mesh well with existing flatmates, making it imperative you choose the right person.

Establish Criteria

Finding a new flatmates is a fun experience, but you need to decide what type of flatmate you want before you start looking. Talk with your other housemates and decide what your criteria might include. While it is important that your flatmate has a stable way to pay the rent and bills on time, remember to also consider what type of personality suits the household best. Do you all enjoy a quiet, calm living environment, or do you like the energy of a louder household? Sorting this out early will make the process of choosing and interviewing potential flatmates far easier and more enjoyable.

Common Interests

One of the easiest ways to work out if a new flatmate is going to work well is to discuss your common interests and hobbies. Your flatmate interview is the ideal place to do this. Don’t just limit the meeting to a tour of the house. Sit down with all your flatmates, grab a drink and talk about what you all enjoy. Remember the potential flatmate is using this interview to form their own impression of the household, so make sure you tell them about yourselves. Are you all obsessed with the same TV show, love going to the gym, or eager to try every café in the area?

Household Perks

Netflix anyone? One of the best things about share houses is pooling together your assets to make the best living experience. This can include anything from amazing cooking skills, to a car, or useful IT skills. Did we mention Netflix? Do not underestimate the benefits that flatmate perks can bring to your household to make it more functional, lively and entertaining.

Hang Out

Living together is a great way to really get to know someone (the good and the bad) and many members make life-long friends from new flatmates. Take some time to explain the social dynamics of your share house and see if your potential flatmate is keen for the occasion hangout. If you are a social household, a flatmate who spends most of their time in their room is probably not the greatest fit.

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