Tweets that prove you and your flatmate are tight

Flatmates Team


Ever had a flatmate who just got it? Who just got you? We love the feeling when a flatmate turns into a friend. At last you can let your guard down and live your best no-pants life.

image Klaus Vedfelt But how can you tell when you’ve reached peak comfort around your flatmates? Check the tweets below from flatmates who’ve got the comfort levels just right.

1. Your greetings become … special

2. They bring you what you need, unasked

3. …and they’ll get you what you want, too!

4. Although sometimes everyone needs a little encouragement

5. They dance around your share house like no one’s watching

6. You rope each other into your little schemes

7. You’ve long since stopped trying to impress each other

8….to the point where you no longer care about clothes

9. Although sometimes you’ll warn each other, out of “common courtesy”

10. You’ll laugh at their expense

11. …but the giggles are shared all around

12. You’re happy to borrow their stuff

13. …and share yours (right?)

14. …sometimes, even for keeps!

15. You go the extra mile to make life interesting for each other

16. ….which can lead to a little anarchy at times

17. They aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel

18. ..or show you

19. Basically, you’re each other’s biggest fans

20. Until you’re not!


Flatmates Team