The cost of renting a room in a larger share house

on 20 November 2015 by Aaron

It’s pretty common knowledge that living in a share house is the best way to cut back on the biggest drain on your bank account— rent.


In a recent article by Domain News, it was revealed that renters in Melbourne save (on average) $6700 per year by ditching the one bedder and getting a flatmate.

However, the data, compiled by, also showed that renting a room in a larger home would allow for further savings.

According to the figures, Brisbane had the biggest saving for those choosing a three-bedroom home over a two, with average room rents reducing by $41 per week.

While, Melbourne offered the best savings for sharers willing to live in a four bedroom home, with a drop of $55 per week, a 23% saving. CEO, Thomas Clement, said the reality was that even sharing in a two bedroom home was out of reach for some.

“Living on your own is no longer a reality for many people due to soaring rental costs,” said Clement. 

“For some, even renting in a two-bedder might be just out of reach, so it’s always worthwhile inspecting larger homes with two or three more flatmates.”

“Even if you’re just looking to reduce your living costs, there can be more benefits in sharing with three or four people, particularly when it comes to splitting bills.”

Renters in Sydney could reduce their weekly costs by $24 through renting in a three-bedder, while renting in a four-bedder would garner a saving of just over $43 per week. Those, willing to share a room would see a whopping $116 weekly saving.

image Average room rents by house size based on 76,000 listings created in 2015

In other capitals however, the difference between a shared room and a four or three-bedder was less dramatic. With shared rooms on average being more expensive in Adelaide than private rooms in three or four bedroom homes.

Mr Clement, said the reason for higher prices in shared rooms was mostly likely due to location.

“Shared rooms are generally located in the centre of a city, so you are essentially paying a premium for the privilege of living centrally,” said Clement.

“For those looking at long-term accommodation, a room in a four bedder a few stops out of the city may be the more comfortable choice, and in some cases cheaper.”

City Room in 2Bed Room in 3Bed Saving Room in 4Bed Saving Share Room Saving
Adelaide $183.78 $162.16 $21.62 $161.51 $22.27 $170.45 $13.33
Brisbane $227.44 $186.03 $41.41 $176.17 $51.27 $170.23 $57.21
Canberra $215.76 $182.02 $33.73 $179.33 $36.42 $175.59 $40.16
Melbourne $239.54 $204.48 $35.06 $184.34 $55.20 $174.45 $65.09
Perth $229.27 $208.08 $21.19 $185.53 $43.74 $180.55 $48.71
Sydney $299.40 $274.60 $24.81 $255.71 $43.70 $183.20 $116.21

Average room rents by house size based on 76,000 listings created in 2015

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