Emergency Accommodation - Townsville

by Flatmates Team

You can use your spare room to assist those affected by the Townsville floods.


If you have a spare room in Townsville, you could help those who have been displaced due to floods or provide short term accommodation for continent workers arriving to assist with recovery.

To offer your room to those in need, simply list it on Flatmates.com.au with a $0 rent value between February 12 and March 12. 

There are no fees to list a $0 rent property or to connect with those looking for short-term accommodation in Townsville during this period.

How does it work?

  1. List your spare room or whole property with a $0 rent value on Flatmates.com.au for free.

2.  Connect with those who are in need of short-term accommodation

3.  Meet and agree. 

Why offer my spare room?

Due to the recent flooding in Townsville, many people are unable to return to their homes and may require short-term accommodation. There is also expected to be an influx of contingency workers arriving to assist with the recovery, which will put added pressure on the short-term accommodation market. 

Offering up your spare room for free to someone displaced due to flooding or a contingent worker will help relieve this pressure. 

How does it work for accommodation providers?

You can list your property on Flatmates.com.au to connect with those who require accommodation or to find temporary free accommodation. Simply list your property within the Townsville area with a $0 rent per week. 

Once listed, those in need of accommodation will be able to connect with you and you will be able to reach out to them. 

When you list, please select the ‘Free Plan’. So long as your listing is $0 per week, there is no requirement to pay.

How can I find short-term free accommodation?

If you’re in need of free accommodation in the Townsville area, you can find available properties below.

You will need to create free person listing looking in Townsville and verify your free account with Flatmates.com.au before you can contact available listings. 

There is no requirement to pay to connect with $0 rent listings in the Townsville region.

View available listings

What else should I consider?

  • Chat with the person you’ll be moving in with or who is moving in with you. As with all shared situations, even if short-term, it’s important everyone is comfortable living with each other. 

  • Set a proposed length of stay. This may change, so be flexible, but it can be helpful to have in writing a proposed length of stay for clarity for both the property lister and the person requiring accommodation. 

  • Emergency accommodation listed on Flatmates.com.au should be free. If a listing was placed as free, but you are being asked for please report this to Flatmates.com.au. 

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us: support@flatmates.com.au

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