Six flatmates you need in your life

on 10 September 2015 by Aaron

One of the best things about living in a share-home is the people you meet and the new experiences you are exposed to.


Living with others can also bring an added bonus, depending on their hidden skills or personality traits. 

If you’re currently on the hunt for a new flatmate, here are six of the best you should live with at some stage in your life.


With their finger on the pulse, the socialite always seems to know what’s on and interesting. Their weekend plans are filled with beer tasting festivals, lunching at hipster haunts and drinks at some speakeasy bar you’ve never heard of.

Their effortless ways of networking and meeting new people mean they will be an instant hit in your share home. Living with a socialite will invigorate your social life and ensure those lonely weekends spent with Netflix become a thing of the past.


With a keen sense of taste and culinary skills to boot, the cook can usually be found in the kitchen whipping up some new concoction. For better or worse, you – the flatmates – will quickly become their guinea pig, taste testing the delicious aforementioned concoctions.

If you’re the kind of person who could burn cornflakes, then a new flatmate who can cook might just be the perfect fit. Should that not be enough for them to win you over, perhaps their salted dulce-de-leche cronuts just might.


If you’re the type of person who can’t tell the modem from the router, then perhaps living with a tech savvy person might be just what you need. When the WiFi goes down or the TV reception wanes, this technologically advanced flatmate will be first to check things out.

Netflix will also never be the same, as your meagre Aussie catalogue balloons to the US one, thanks to a virtual… something, something, they set up last week. Don’t rely too much on this flatmates mystical powers however, as next time they go away you might be left in the dark ages.


An international flatmate can bring with them new ways of thinking, eating and living. While their presence may feel like a novelty at first, you’ll quickly realise how positive the diversity they bring is to your home dynamic. Regardless of where they are from or their background, exposure to new cultures will also make you and your flatmates more open-minded and accommodating.

If English isn’t their mother tongue, they could also be your ticket to learning a new language or, at the very least, seven ways to swear in Swedish.


The never-phased, never-fussed flatmate will always be the easiest to get along with. Conflict avoiding and chilled to the core, they’re happy to go along with the rest of the flatmates regardless of what is suggested.

The easygoing one will seldom complain about things that bother them, ensuring they are the perfect flatmate for any landlord or head tenant. The only problem you might encounter with this one is their refusal to pick which movie to watch or what pizza to order.


While not for everyone, the phantom can be the best flatmate for those who want to pay half the rent but have all the space. The phantom flatmate will always be there, just never seen and rarely heard. Most of their time will be spent in their room or out of the home. Even their guests will be whisked away to their room, which you’ll never see inside.

So long as no weird smells are present and you see them every few days, there should be no reason to be concerned about them.

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