Student Life: Moving out of home



Moving out of home can be a daunting, and yet exciting challenge that many first year university students will face. According to 47% of university students will live out of the family home in some form or another during their first year of study.

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The most important first step to moving out of the family home is, of course, finding a new home to move into. According to a survey of users, StudentVIP found the most popular form of accommodation was a share house followed by purpose-built student accommodation and home-stays.

Share Accommodation

A share house arrangement is by far the cheapest way to live out of home, as it allows you to split your living expenses (sometimes including food) with others. It ‘s important to take your time when finding a shared home; who you are living with is just as crucial as where. Good flatmates will fast become like a new family and you’ll soon find yourself spending a lot of time with them.

To make finding the where easier, have listed available rooms by distance from your campus. Find your university and check out the available rooms nearby.

Remember that renting a room in a share-home is just like any other rental situation. To ensure you know your rights and responsibilities, read our guides on bonds, paying rent and tenancy agreements.

The best bits: more options, independence, cheaper, flexible length of stay, choose who you live with.

Student-only Accommodation

If you’re looking for something a little more student orientated, purpose built accommodation might be a better option. Conveniently, most student accommodations are located on or close to a university campus.

Depending on the property, most will offer a single weekly rate that includes utilities. However, it is recommended to double check exactly what is and isn’t included. Many providers will also require a one or two term commitment, which means you will be locked into a contract.

A site like will allow you to compare whats on offer near your campus and enquire directly to providers. All for free.

The best bits: student only, extra security, close to campus, fixed contracts, fixed rent.

Home-stay Arrangement

Normally reserved for international students, an organised home stay involves living with a host family while you study. These types of arrangements can include things like meals, washing and transport.

A student will be paired with their host family by the university, so choosing where you live and who you live with maybe limited. If you have a short stay in mind, a home-stay is a good option as it eliminates the need for tenancy agreements.

To find out more information or to organise a home-stay, speak with your universities housing officer.

The best bits: family home, meals included, no lease agreements.




Aaron is the's Product Manager. He is an avid supporter and user of share accommodation, currently living with two (lucky) flatmates.