What kind of flatmate are you?

by Claudia

You’re clean, they’re a mess. You like to party, they hit the sack around 9.45pm. We take you through some of the common flatmate personalities you’ll find in any share house. Beware, some self-reflection may ensue.


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Unfortunately, we can’t help you with a personality clash or with what type of flatmate you will live with. However, we have compiled a list of the common types of flatmates you’ll find in any given share house, so that you know what to look out for and what to avoid.

The Clean Freak

They clean. Everything. They go above and beyond. It’s not just sweeping or mopping that constitutes a Clean Freak. The Clean Freak degreases the fan in the oven exhaust. The Clean Freak will make you feel guilty about being messy, even if unintentional. The Clean Freak likes to vacuum the lounge room when your favourite tv show is on, also unintentionally.

The Slob

Opposite of The Clean Freak, The Slob is disgusting. They leave their recycling by the rubbish bin and somehow fail to ever take it out. They cook fatty sausages on the stove and don’t clean up the grease once it has sprayed on the splash back. They leave their hair in the shower drain but then complain when the drain gets clogged. We’ve all come across The Slob in our share house lives. If you think you’re The Slob, take a deep look inside your shower drain (euphemism for your soul?) and clean it.

The Baker

This lovely flatmate makes treats for the house, off their own back, making the house feel homely. Bonus points are awarded if they cook naughty treats or those raspberry and white chocolate muffins you love so much. The Baker doesn’t expect anything in return, just a hand eating the treats and plenty of compliments on the moistness of the cake.

The Partier

Depending on the state and median age of your household, you might be The Partier or you might all still be Partiers. The worst version of The Partier is the one who lives in an older share house, where The Partier is probably past their prime but still thinks its O-Week, every week. Partiers can always back it up, they always go hard and if they’re really organised, they leave half of their kebab in the fridge for the morning after.

The “I Didn’t Notice”

Not noticing is their fave hobbie. They’re not a bad person, they just “don’t notice” the mould in the bathroom or the spilled sauce in the fridge. You can’t get mad at them because they made you a cup of tea last night when you were crying over Jeremy who didn’t text you back. However, that same tea pot is still on the stove and is now growing a little bacterial colony. This is the same person who leaves the toilet roll on READ without the courtesy to change her over.

The “I Have My Family Coming To Stay Again”

You can’t say no to this and sometimes families coming to visit is great. They can bring gifts and food – or both. This particular flatmate has family come to stay all. the. time. Whilst they’re lovely people, they take up the whole lounge room, the queue grows for the shower and they accidentally drink your milk. It gets annoying.

The Stinge

If you’re The Stinge, you usually have help with finances. Mum and dad pay your rent, or your groceries, or both. The Stinge also calculates the amount of time they spend with the light on compared to other flatmates and therefore wants to split the power bill based on usage, not evenly. FYI The Stinge sucks.

The DeBriefer

The Debriefer needs to let you know about their date and everything that occurred. The Debriefer will go into in-depth detail on the events that took place on the date, including all the sticky details, despite your visible discomfort. The Debriefer is on Tindr, Bumble, Grindr, eHarmony and the pub bar, but they haven’t had any luck tonight. But don’t worry, you’ll know when they do.

The Do They Even Live Here

This flatmate deposits rent into your account every month and always pays bills on time. But you never see them. Apart from that monthly deposit and the misc sock in the laundry basket, you wouldn’t know that they live with you.

The Late Payer

They’re always late on paying and always have an excuse. They’ll pay you next week when they get paid or when Tommy sorts them out for that odd job etc. When money is involved, tensions can rise. Download a bill splitting app and your troubles will be gone.

The Best Friends

This is your favourite flatmate. Your best mate. If you’re lucky enough to live with your mates and it works, you’re on a golden ticket. If you’ve moved in with someone and they’ve turned into one of your best mates, you’re on even more of a golden ticket. Do not let this person go.

Looking to find your best friend or new flatmate? Check out our blog on the secret to living harmoniously with your flatmates and head to flatmates.com.au to start your search.

  • Claudia
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  • Claudia is Flatmate's Community Manager. She has been share housing for the majority of her adult life and still can't assemble IKEA furniture.