When flatmates become family

Flatmates Team


We’re coming up to the holiday season and whilst much fun is to be had, you might be dreading the visit from your racist/sexist uncle. Never fear, your flatmates are to the rescue! Here are 20 tweets that prove your flatmates are your real family.

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Everyone who’s ever shared a house has some stellar share-house stories. In fact, while we all have a horror story or two, share housing truly is where great memories are made.

Why? Because of your flatmates of course! We can’t choose our family, but we can choose our flatmates and when we find a good one, we definitely know it. Great flatmates really are like a second family — here are the tweets to prove it.

1. When they save your from your own junk food cravings

2. When the bake up a storm

3. When you go on adventures together

4. When you bring each other gifts from afar

5. When they welcome you home after time away…

6. ..and you get excited when they’re coming home too!

7. When they introduce you to new … friends?

8. When they love to surprise you..

9.…and celebrate you

10.When they’re on the same Covid wavelength as you

11. When you set team goals together — and reach them!

12. When they indulge your interests…

13. … and help you pursue your passions

14. … and support you to achieve your dreams

15. When they tolerate your vices

16. When they never miss your birthday..

17. … nor your graduation

18. When they help you cut your hair in a pandemic…

19. … or do whatever it takes to lift your spirits

20. And occasionally, when the moment calls for it, they step up and save your life

We love our flatmates! Good luck this holiday season!


Flatmates Team