Where can you donate used furniture?

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There comes a time in every couch’s life when it’s time to move on. Maybe you’re moving or maybe you’ve upgraded. Whatever the case, you know that beloved, cosy couch has to go, but where to go is the question.


Okay, perhaps it’s your fridge or your TV, a wardrobe or a table and chairs. The problem is, what do you do with it when it’s time’s up?

Don’t be the person who leaves it on the side of the road in non-hard rubbish times with a FREE sign stuck to it. Those people suck and need to go find a nice little hole in the ground.

A much better bet is to recycle your furniture by donating it to any of the countless charities spanning the country. We’ve listed a few here for each state and territory, so this list should get you off to a good start.

Before you start calling charities, though, ask yourself if the item you’re trying to offload is in good enough nick to give to a mate. If you wouldn’t dream of offering it to your bestie, you can be sure a charity organisation won’t want it, either. In that case, it’s probably only fit for the tip. Sorry!

Where to donate furniture across Australia

There are quite a few good places to donate your used stuff that span the whole country — in part, thanks to the internet. Consider:

  • Facebook Marketplace: If you’re on Facebook, there’s sure to be a Marketplace group nearby. You can give your old furniture away here, or sell it if you want, free of charge. While you’re on Facebook, check out your suburb’s local Good Karma Network. You’re bound to find someone who will come and get it.

  • Gumtree.com.au: Gumtree is nationwide and has a Free Stuff section where you should be able to offload the furniture you no longer need. There are fees for listing if you put a price on your items.

  • Opportunity shops: Your local opportunity shop, be it run by a large charity or your local community group, could be a good place to send your preloved furniture, though some don’t accept such large items.

  • Givit: The Givit website aggregates the needs of a range of charity and not-for-profit organisations. You can list your items here and await contact from a reputable charity who needs them. Sweet.

Where to donate furniture in Melbourne

From the Salvos to the Kensington Good Karma Network, here’s our top picks for Melbourne.

  • The Salvos Stores: Inner Melbourne has 6 Salvos Stores, including one at Southern Cross, but wherever you’re located, there’s certain to be one nearby. The Salvos offer item collection, which makes life easy!

  • West Welcome Wagon: A not-for-profit supporting asylum seekers in the Western suburbs, this organisation accepts all kinds of household items, as long as they meet the donation guidelines. If they do, email to organise your donation.

  • Sacred Heart Mission: This charity has 12 stores in Melbourne, from South Melbourne to Cheltenham to Preston, all open 7 days and happy to accept donations during business hours. They have a free pickup service, too.

  • Family Life: This more local, family-focused not-for-profit offers pickup for a range of larger household items, to be resold in its stores in the south-eastern suburbs. Give them a call to make your donation.

Where to donate furniture in Tasmania


If your pre-loved items need a second home, these Tas spot have got you covered.

  • City Mission: Help support those in need across northern Tasmania by donating your good quality used furniture to City Mission. Your items will either be used by clients of the charity, or sold in their shops to raise funds.

  • Hobart City Mission: Not to be confused with the City Mission, this charity operates more broadly through the state and welcomes donations of furniture for resale in its network of op shops. They have a free pickup service, too!

  • Launceston Benevolent Society: Help a family in need — or an individual — by donating your gently used bed, mattress, and white goods to the Benevolent Society. They take other furniture too, so give them a call to organise your donation.

Where to donate furniture in Sydney

From Cronulla to way out west, donating in Sydney is always best.

  • Pyrmont Cares: Pyrmont Cares works to provide used goods to more than 40 social work agencies in the City of Sydney. They will pick up a range of furniture (excluding mattresses, beds and wardrobes) from across the inner Sydney suburbs.

  • Vinnies: The St Vincent de Paul Society spans 153 countries, so it’s no surprise that the charity has shops all over Sydney. Search for your nearest one, and give them a call to check that they accept furniture. Then, arrange pickup over the phone.

  • Bower: Created to divert household goods from landfill, Bower is always looking for more quality furniture to upcycle. Use their web booking tool to organise a pickup from across Sydney (although check first to make sure your area is covered).

  • Generous and Grateful: This growing charity helps those on assisted living to furnish their homes. While they can’t arrange free pickup of your items, they’ll pick up for a fee across Sydney. It’s a worthy cause!

Where to donate furniture in South Australia


Whether you’re in Glenelg or Hahndorf, there’s a place to donate your goods.

  • Rufus: This SA homeless support organisation is always looking for quality used furniture, including beds and mattresses in great condition, and appliances (which some other charities won’t accept). Call them to discuss your stuff.

  • Vinnies: The St Vincent de Paul Society has 34 shops in locations stretching from Mount Gambier to Coober Pedy. Call first to check that your local store accepts furniture, and arrange pickup over the phone.

  • Second Chances Furniture Warehouse: This outlet for recycled furniture fundraises for the Second Chances charity, which exists to support those in prison and their families. Give them a call to arrange pickup of your saleable furniture.

  • Goodwill Stores: The Uniting Communities’ Goodwill charity stores are happy to accept most furniture items and homewares. The funds support their programs all across the SA community.

Where to donate furniture in Queensland

Give your used homewares a new life in the sunny state.

  • UnitingCare: UnitingCare supports the full spectrum of people in our community. To help fund its work, it runs the Lifeline shops scattered throughout Brisbane and QLD, and you can request furniture pickup on their website. Too easy!

  • Friends with Dignity: If you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Kingaroy, you might want to offer your furniture to this charity, which supports victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives.

  • RizeUp: Another great domestic violence support service, RizeUp accepts furniture donations from across Queensland’s South East, and they have a pickup service, too.

  • Ipswich Furniture Project: If you’re in the area, have this furniture re-use charity come and grab your stuff free of charge. Just check the website to make sure they can use your goodies first!

Where to donate furniture in Western Australia


If it’s time for your furniture to go West, make sure it’s final destination is one of the below.

  • Anglicare WA: Anglicare is a charity working towards “a just and fair WA where all people thrive” by providing 88 community services across the state. With their easy-to-organise furniture pickup service, you’d do well to send your stuff to them.

  • Regional Alliance West: If you’re in the Mid-West, Murchison or Gascoyne regions, RAW will accept your household goods and furniture in good condition, which they use to support families in those areas.

  • Good Sammy: Always happy to zip over and pick up your quality used furniture, Good Sammy creates employment pathways for people with a disability. Your items will be resold in their shops, so make sure it’s good enough to sell.

  • Salvos: The Salvation Army needs no introduction. With stores all over the state and a free used furniture pickup service, you can’t go wrong here!

Where to donate furniture in Canberra


Even furniture in the nation’s capital needs a new home on occasion! Check the Canberra spots below.

  • The Green Shed: Set up to avoid used goods going to landfill, and raise money for charity, The Green Shed accepts donations of a huge range of items. Their pickup service is free to eligible donors — check the website for info.

  • Salvation Army Tuggeranong Corps: This branch of the Salvos will appreciate your donation, which you can have picked up free of charge, or drop off yourself at their Salvos Store in Fyshwick.

Where to donate furniture in the NT

Give your couch a second life in these top end hot spots.

  • Shoal Bay Trash and Treasure: The name says it all. Not only is it a great place to donate your goods but your donation will feed two birds with one scone: Shoal Bay is a disability support employer, employing people from across Darwin with learning difficulties.

  • Anglicare NT OpShop: A favourite spot for op shoppers in Ludmilla, Anglicare takes a wide range of furniture. Items must be donated.

  • City of Darwin Second hand wonderlands: The city council has put together this amazing guide, with all of the best spots to donate and purchase second hand furniture .

Happy donating!


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