Cheapest Melbourne train stations to rent a room near

on 22 June 2017 by Aaron

Finding a room in Melbourne within walking distance of public transport, a reasonable commute to the city and under budget can be a tough task.


In fact, data from showed that average room prices within 1km of 53% of Melbourne stations were higher than their respective suburbs.

Thankfully, the data from the flat-sharing site also identified the cheapest train stations to rent a room near within 10km of the Melbourne CBD.

Essendon and Thornbury stations were the best bet with average weekly private room rents of just $172 and $178, respectively.

Spotswood and Pascoevale stations ranked equal third with average room rents of $200 each per week.

The shortest commute on the list—just five stops from Flinders Street Station— was Kooyong where the average room near the station rented for just $205 per week.

The average rents on the cheapest list were a far cry from Melbourne’s most expensive station, Southern Cross, where the average room price was a whopping $326 per week.

Rank Train Station Avg Room Rent Postcode Dist. from city Km
1 Essendon Station $172 3040 8.0
2 Thornbury Station $178 3071 7.5
3 Spotswood Station $200 3015 8.1
3 Pascoe Vale Station $200 3044 9.9
5 Coburg Station $202 3058 7.8
6 Kooyong Station $205 3144 7.8
7 Batman Station $206 3058 8.9
8 Bell Station $207 3072 8.5
8 Preston Station $207 3072 8.5
10 Glenbervie Station $210 3040 8.5
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