How to take great property photos

Finding a Flatmate can be hard. Harder still if you don’t have good photos or any photos of your property at all.

We share our top tips to getting the best response to your listing.

Choose your equipment

Technology has come so far that the average smart phone can take better photos than some digital cameras. You can even edit and upload the photos directly to the website from your phone. Simple changes to the way you compose and style your photos can signficantly increase your chances of attracting a flatmate.

What to photograph?
People want to know where they will be sleeping (specifically the bedroom that they will be paying for), eating, hanging out and what the vibe of the place is. If you regularly host barbeques with your flatmates, take a photo of the entertaining area. If the lounge room is a communal space, make sure to include that.

The map at the bottom of your listing will show nearby ammenities and attractions so photos of bustops, local attractions and the view that you only see if you walk for 20 minutes are not as useful.

The rule of thirds
You would be surprised by how much centering a photo can do for the end result.

The rule of thirds is the principle of composing a photo so that the content of your photo is displayed in the most aesthetically pleasing way. The lines split the scene into a grid so that you can best show off your space. Most phones will allow you to superimpose the grid on to your image before you shoot.

Try standing at a door or in a corner that allows you to see the most of the space. Adjust the positioning of the photo so that objects like walls or couches follow the grid lines.

Landscape vs Portrait
Considering you are shooting interiors, the width of rooms lends better to shooting in landscape.

It also means that when uploading to our website, the image will not be auto-populated with black space to fill the image.

Its incredibly easy to make a place look new and inviting simply by opening the curtains, turning the lights on and capturing your photo during the photographic sweet spots: morning and afternoon light. These times of the day produce the best filtered light and as such do not overexpose interior walls and cause light spots.

Turning on the room lights as well as any lamps can instantly create a cosyness to the room. If in doubt: take a few photos of the same room turning the lights on and off and experiment!

Most cameras allow you to autofocus your picture by adjusting your settings. This will counter any natural movement in your hands whilst taking the photo. Most phones now automatically adjust to enhance the image but you can also choose what you would like to be the focal point by simply tapping on it.

If you have a tripod and self-timer ability, even better!

Not everyone’s home looks like the “After” of an episode of Grand Designs but you can also put in a little effort to make your place try to.

Make your bed, tidy the room and take the time to look over your space with a critical eye. Is there a unmatched sock on the floor? Is the room cluttered?

Make the room look like it does moments before your landlord comes over to inspect it. Your potential flatmate will be just as discerning as they would be.

Edit your photos

Once you’ve mastered composition and taken a photo that accurately depicts your property, its important to think about how this photo will come across in search.

Brightly lit photos draw the eye in search and stand out from the competition. Considering not every home has an abundance of light, there are ways ways you can cheat this.

On iOS and Android, apps like VSCO Cam, Afterlight and Snapseed can easily help you increase the Brightness and Constrast of your pictures. On a desktop, Google has a photo editing suite for free but quick fixes can be done through online photo editors such as Canva.

Tip: Choose the right photos!
While people might be interested to know if you have a furby collection, this kind of information can go in your listing description. Choose photos that accurately portray the type of accomodation your potential flatmate is going to get. Bedrooms, bathrooms, furnishings and loungerooms go a long way!

Update your photos

It is not enough to rely on photos taken several years ago with furnishings that are no longer available. Take the time to follow our tips and refresh the photos in the listing. It might just be the trick to get the kind of response you are after.