Account Verifications

Verifying your account helps build trust with future potential flatmates resulting in more enquires and more replies. It also helps our moderation team identify scammers to keep the community safe.

Mobile verification (Required)

Mobile verification is required for all members wishing to active their listing, send messages to other members or to access another members mobile number.

When you enter your mobile number we send you a short code which you enter on the website. While entering your mobile number you have the option to keep it private from other members.

Social media verification (Recommended)

Verifying your social media accounts builds trust with other members and helps confirm that you are who you say you are. It helps speed up the flatmate selection process by allowing other members to learn a few details about you before viewing or making contact. Members with social verifications often get more enquires and more replies.

To get the full benefit you need to allow public viewing of your profile. This allows upgraded members of access to your publicly available Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter page through your listing. What is shown on this page is only the information that is already publicly available on the web and is determined by your settings with that social provider.

Where are verifications shown?

Verifications are shown as little icons under your name on your listing. This information is also shown in the messaging system. These icons just show that you are verified and do not allow access to your profiles.

If you allow access to your public profile then upgraded members will be able to access the public profile of your social account from your listing.

How can I view other members social verifications?

You can see which accounts a member has verified with us at the bottom of their listing or at the top of messages to you.

To have access to these, you will need to have an upgraded account. If you’re logged in, you can view upgrade plans here, which start at $25.

Read more about upgrades.