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Looking for the perfect flatmate or share house can be tricky, particularly when you don’t know the person you’re moving in with. At, we know trust plays a big part in searching for share accommodation. On top of our full-time moderation team, on-site security checks and mobile verification, we’re now adding ID verification to our service.


Verifying your ID is easy with Equifax. Simply grab your passport or Australian drivers license , fill in the verification form and then wait to be verified.

Verifying your ID can help you find a flatmate or home faster – members will know that you’re a legitimate person and may be more likely to message you. You’ll also feel safer going to meet new potential flatmates knowing that their identification has been verified.

If you’re having trouble with the ID verification process, check out some of our common FAQs below.

What documents can I use to verify my ID?

We currently accept all passports and Australian drivers licenses. Please note that ID is verified through third party Equifax and their verification process may reject your ID. You’re welcome to reach out to the Flatmates support team to find out why this was rejected.

Do I need to be in Australia to verify my International passport?

Yes! To successfully verify your ID, you will need to ensure that you have already arrived in Australia and have a valid Australian visa.

How do I know if a member has been verified?

If they’re approved, an ID verified badge will appear on their person listing page. Ditto for your own listing.

How much does it cost?

Our new ID verification feature is built into our plans. If you purchase an upgrade with us, you are eligible for an ID verification with Equifax.

Am I eligible for the verification?

Members will need to have a person listing and an upgraded plan to be eligible for the ID verification. Even if you are listing your property, you will need a person listing to apply for the ID verification. You can deactivate your person listing once done.

How long does it take?

The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

What if I’m knocked back?

ID Verification attempts can be unsuccessful for lots of reasons and many are out of your control. You could be knocked back because:

  • You may have recently moved

  • Your credit report may be locked or frozen

  • Your credit profile may contain erroneous information

  • Your submission may contain an error or typo

  • You may have submitted expired documents

  • You may have submitted a phone number that is not associated with your name and address

You’ll be given 2 attempts to correctly and successfully verify your ID. If your second attempt at verification fails, you will need to contact us to request another two attempts.

How long does the verification last?

Your verified ID with Equifax will remain on your account for 6 months. Once it has expired, if you wish to verify again, you will need to re-do the process.

Do I have to verify my ID?

There is no obligation to verify your ID. However, members will be more inclined to message and meet up with other members who are verified.

What happens to my data?

Rest assured, does not store your verification ID document data, and it’s this data is encrypted during verification. Check out our privacy policy for more.

What happens when my application has been delayed?

Don’t worry, this can happen when it’s busy. We’ll continue to process your application in the background with Equifax and we’ll message you once we have an outcome.

Can I get a refund on my upgrade if my ID could not be verified?

ID Verification is one of many features included in our upgraded services, and this feature is not being sold separately. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund members who upgrade but can’t successfully verify their ID.

There will be four attempts in total for eligible members to use this feature.

It’s requesting I put in a “driver license card number.” How is this different from the license number?

Equifax have recently changed what data needs to be entered for licenses to be verified. Depending on your state of issue of your license, you may be required to enter in not only your license number but also your Driver License Card Number.

Your License number is the main number on your license. Your Driver License Card Number is a different number that can be found in different locations depending on what state your license is issued from. Check out table below to see if you are required to enter in the Driver License Card Number and where this is located for your state.

State Availability Location on license
NSW All active licenses Front of the card, top right
ACT All licenses issued from Jan 2014 Front of the card
SA Licenses issued on or after 10 Dec 2014 Back of the card, top right
TAS All active licenses Back of the card, top right
VIC All licenses issued from 19 Dec 2022 Back of card, top right, or under DOB
QLD All licenses issued from 7 Nov 2022 Front or back of card, bottom right corner
WA Licenses issued on or after 2 Feb 2021 Back of the card, on the right
NT Licenses issued on or after 10 Dec 2019 Back of card

Your question still isn’t answered above? Contact our friendly support team at .


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