How to increase your response on your person listing

If you’re not getting the response you desire, or you just want to find a room as soon as possible, check out our tips below.

Check your listing description
The description on your listing is one of the most important tools to finding room. It should tell prospective flatmates about you, what you do for work, your hobbies and any other lifestyle information that would be pertinent to sharing a home.

Check the boxes you’ve ticked on your listing information to ensure you’re appearing in the right searches.

Add and update photos
Having images not only gives your listing authenticity, it will also ensure you feature towards the top of the search results. If you don’t currently have an image of yourself on your listing you can add one here.

If you’re looking for a place with your partner or even a pet, be sure to include a picture of them too!

Check your price vs suburb
It’s important to pick suburbs that reflect your budget. Be sure to check around your preferred suburbs and see if your budget is represented in most listings. If not, you may need to try some suburbs a little further out or the next train stop.

The more suburbs you have listed the more times you’ll show in search results.

Update the listing
It is important to ensure your listing is always up-to-date and true. Updating the listing regularly will also ensure you remain at the top of the search results for your area.

We suggest updating your listing once every two weeks while it is live on the site.

Verify yourself
Verifying yourself generates trust with other members, this means more enquires and a higher response rate the messages you send. One verification option is social media and with your permission we can show your publicly available social profile which enriches your listing with great content for potential future flatmates.

Verification options are able in my account or on your listing.

There is no requirement to upgrade your account in order to list yourself and find a great place. However, if you’re looking to speed up your search, an optional upgrade will make your listing Free to Message for all users. You will also have access to contact all listings, access mobile numbers and view verified social media accounts. If you are logged into your account you can view the optional upgrades here.