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Looking to rocket your listing to the top of room search results? Boost your property listing!

Boost is a feature that allows you to place your listing at the top of your suburb room search results for 7 days.

What is Boost?

Boost allows you to rocket your property listing to the top of its suburb room search results for 7 days. 

How does it work?

A boosted listing will sit in one of the top 8 positions of the suburb your property is listed in. The ranking amongst boosted listings will be based on most recently boosted first. Only the property the Boost is purchased on will be rocketed to top of room search results and only for the suburb attached at the time of purchase. 

All search filters will continue to apply to a boosted listing and the boosted listing may not appear in search results if search filters that exclude the property are applied. 

How many boosts do we allow?

There is a limit of eight boosted properties per suburb at any time, so you’ll need to jump in quickly to make sure you can secure one of the top eight spots for your suburb room search results.  

If eight properties have already been boosted in a suburb, you will need to wait until a boost position is available

Who can purchase Boost?

Only members listing a property with an upgraded plan (Basic, Full, Pro, Guarantee or Bonus) will be eligible to purchase Boost, and only if allocation is available for their suburb. 

You can purchase Boost at the top of your property listing.

Can I purchase more than one boost for my property?

You can only purchase one Boost per property listing at a time. If you wish to Boost your listing again, you can do so at the expiry of the current Boost.

Boost is limited to 8 listings per suburb at anytime and you will only be able to purchase a Boost if there is a position available. This will be displayed at the top of your property listing.

Only the property the Boost is purchased on will be boosted but you may purchase a Boost for your other properties on each listing page.

What if my listing is undergoing security checks?

If your account is placed into moderation for security checks and your listing is temporarily removed from search, your Boost will be paused for the time it wasn’t available. The expiry of your boost will be extended to cover this.

What if I change my address?

Your purchased boost will only apply to the suburb on your property listing at the time of purchase.

Ensure the address on your listing is correct prior to purchasing Boost.

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