How to protect yourself

Share has a full time Moderation Team to help you out with any issues on the platform and to keep you safe from people who might be using our platform for the wrong reasons. To set yourself up for success, follow our helpful tips and find your new place with confidence.


What do we do to protect you?

Support Team has a full time Moderation Team available to support you and to ensure that people who are using our platform are looking for share accommodation or flatmates and nothing else.

Verified Mobile Numbers
All members on our platform must verify their mobile number with a verification code before their listing will be made live.

If you feel uneasy about a listing or a member has acted inappropriately towards you, please report them via the “report this listing” button on the right hand side of the member’s listing. This will notify a member of our moderation team to review this member’s account

How do I protect myself from scammers?

Always make contact through the website
Scammers will usually request your contact details to speak with you off the website so we are unable to track their activity (eg. Whatsapp or email), and will avoid talking by video chat or phone call. Contacting members through the website ensures that we can warn you if we find anything suspicious about their listing.

Never pay any money before viewing
Most scammers are advertising a property that doesn’t exist. Scammers will rarely offer you a property viewing or meeting with them. Most listings made by a scammer will be a one-bedroom or studio property, so they can convince you that no one is available to show you the property. They will request upfront payment and promise to courier you the keys.

Never transfer money to someone you have never met, or for a property you have never seen.

Signs of a scammer
- Offer is too good to be true (very cheap and very nice).
- They have wild stories about sickness, urgent business or being overseas.
- They want to send you the keys via DHL or express post.
- They cannot show you the property.

If you’re overseas, a video call is the best way to view a property and meet potential flatmates. Scammers will, in most cases, never offer or accept a video call.

How can I keep my information private?

The messaging system on has been designed to be simple and safe. You can use the message system to contact and converse with other members about their property.

When you feel comfortable, you can use our message system to exchange contact details and organise an inspection. Never send copies of your identification, bank details or login details to someone you have not met. Your identification, if needed, can be shown in person at the inspection.

If you’re advertising a room in your home for rent, do not upload images of the outside of your property from the street view. Only share your address with members when you feel comfortable.

If a copy of your identification is required, provide these in person. Never send copies of your identification to someone you have not met via email or text.

Meeting flatmates and inspecting the property

Inspecting the property and meeting the other flatmates is a crucial step to finding the right home. You should never agree to, or place a deposit on, a property you have not seen.

Prior to inspecting the home, ensure you get the complete address and contact details of the person you’re meeting. Let someone know where you are going and how long you should be, or bring a friend with you.

Take your time during the viewing and don’t feel pressured into making an immediate decision. If you need more time, let the landlord know you’d like to think about it.

Ensure that the person lives there and has the right to rent out the room. Ask to see some documentation that can prove this, eg. a copy of their lease, their drivers license with the address on it, an electricity bill with their name and address.

Like with any situation, if you feel uncomfortable, uncertain or the listing was misrepresented, you should leave immediately and report the listing to the Team.

If you’re nervous or unsure about inspecting the property, take along a friend.