How to increase your response on a property listing

Monday November 9 2015


Having pictures on your listing is the best way to get potential flatmates interested. We don’t limit the number of images you can have on your listing, so feel free to include as many as you wish.


We suggest having images of the room up for rent, communal areas including the kitchen and bathroom, and if possible images of the backyard. For privacy reasons, please do not upload an image of the front of your property.

Must have : Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge room.
Nice to have: Backyard, flatmates, pets, features such as pools, spas, gyms.

Not needed: Front of property, stock images not associated with property, lifestyle photos of area.

Listing information
A listing description should include all of the important things about your property and your flatmates.The first sentence of your description will be displayed in the search results, so try and make your introduction inviting.

Important topics to cover include some details about the home that aren’t covered in the listing features, what is included in the rent, who lives in the home and what kind of flatmate you are seeking.

Filters are important as they determine when your home will show up in search results. While it is understandable if you have a specific flatmate in mind, if you aren’t receiving any interest you may wish to expand your criteria.

An example would be expanding your search from females only to include males and couples.

Price is the biggest determinant for potential flatmates. While there can be compromises on location and amenities, few will have the ability to pay more. If you find you’re not getting the desired responses, compare the cost of your room with those close to you.

A small adjustment in price could mean the difference between filling your room sooner than later.

You can find out what the average room price is in your suburb with our Value My Room tool.

Don’t just sit back and wait for the offers flood in. We have thousands of potential flatmate profiles you can search and contact. We don’t set a limit on the number of people you can contact. Remember that many users will organise multiple room viewings before choosing one. So don’t put all your hopes on the one person, have a few lined up for inspections.

Verify yourself
Verifying yourself generates trust with other members, this means more enquires and a higher response rate the messages you send. One verification option is social media and with your permission we can show your publicly available social profile which enriches your listing with great content for potential future flatmates.

Verification options are able in my account or on your listing.

There is no requirement to upgrade your account in order to list your room and find a great flatmate. However, if you’re looking to speed up your search, an optional upgrade will make your listing Free to Message for all users. You will also have access to contact all listings, access mobile numbers and view verified social media accounts. If you are logged into your account you can view the optional upgrades here.