Least competitive share accommodation suburbs within 10km of Brisbane City

on 9 May 2017 by Aaron

Flatmates.com.au have released a handy list of the least competitive share accomodation suburbs in Brisbane—making the search for a room close to the city a little easier.


Carina Heights and Mount Gravatt East were the best place to score an easy room according to the data, with both suburbs seeing just one person looking per room listed in the past three months.

Five suburbs with ratios of just two people per room listed, including Gaythorne, Stafford Heights and Murrarie, followed closely offering sharers a handful of options north and south of the river.

At 5.9km from the CBD Gordon Park was the closest suburb to rank with a ratio of three people looking per room listed on the site.

The demand ratios for suburbs on the list were in stark contrast from the most competitive suburbs where Dutton Park topped the list with 47 people per room.

Chief executive officer of Flatmates.com.au, Thomas Clement, said the list identified suburbs often overlooked by sharers.

“Many sharers tend focus on suburbs close to universities or the city, which in turn drives up competition significantly in those areas.”

“We would suggest that those struggling to find a home or room should also look at suburbs neighbouring popular areas where competition can be lower. Mount Gravatt East is a good example where there was a ratio was just one person per room listed, while Mount Gravatt proper saw a ratio 37:1.”

Flatmates.com.au achieved the ratios by comparing the number of people listed per suburb versus the number of rooms listed during the same period, where that suburb had at least ten rooms listed.

Rank Suburb Post Code Ratio of people looking per room listed Distance to city
1 Carina Heights 4152 1:1 8.3
1 Mount Gravatt East 4122 1:1 9.3
3 Holland Park West 4121 2:1 6.9
3 Moorooka 4105 2:1 7.2
3 Gaythorne 4051 2:1 7.3
3 Stafford Heights 4053 2:1 8.3
3 Chapel Hill 4069 2:1 9.0
8 Gordon Park 4031 3:1 6.0
8 Murarrie 4172 3:1 8.5
8 Everton Park 4053 3:1 8.8

Data compiled by Flatmates.com.au by comparing property and people listings on on the site from February 1 to May 1 2017, where the suburb had more than 10 property listings.

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