Melbourne’s most competitive share accommodation suburbs in 2017

on 21 April 2017 by Aaron

Struggling to score a room in Melbourne’s inner city? You’re probably not alone.


Demand for rooms in many inner city suburbs over the past three months has been high according to new data from, which saw Fitzroy top the list with 80 people looking per room listed.

Collingwood and East Melbourne followed closely behind with ratios of 66 and 65 people looking per room listed, respectively.

Nine of the top 10 suburbs were within 10km of the city, the exception being Caulfield which had a ratio of 42 people per room listed.

Chief executive officer of, Thomas Clement said demand for rooms in Melbourne’s north was always high, particularly in Fitzroy.

“Fitzroy is by far the most competitive suburb in Melbourne, and perhaps even Australia when it comes to shared accommodation,” said Clement.

“January to March is als the busiest time of year for share accommodation, so it can be a little tougher at this time of year to land a room in these popular suburbs.”

Clement suggested those finding it tough to secure a room should keep their options open and search further afield.

“You don’t have to look too far away to find a less competitive suburb, for example competition in North Fitzroy is half that of Fitzroy proper, so it could pay to look around.”

Of the least competitive suburbs within 10km of the city, Caulfield North was the best bet with just four people looking per room.

Travancore and Maidstone ranked next least competitive with five people per room listed in each suburb.

Rank Suburb Post Code Number of people looking per room listed Distance to city (Km)
1 Fitzroy 3065 80:1 2.5
2 Collingwood 3066 66:1 2.8
3 East Melbourne 3002 65:1 1.8
4 Albert Park 3206 57:1 3.4
5 Carlton 3053 55:1 1.8
6 Malvern 3144 50:1 8.9
7 Burnley 3121 49:1 5.9
8 Caulfield 3162 42:1 10.2
9 Cremorne 3121 39:1 3.6
10 Carlton North 3054 38:1 2.8

Data compiled by by comparing property and people listings on on the site from January 20 to April 20, where the suburb had more than 10 property listings.

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