What is response rate and how do we calculate it?

Flatmates Team



How is it calculated?
Your response rate is the percentage of conversations you have responded to over the past 30 days. New messages are given a grace period of 24 hours before they are counted in your response rate. Your response rate is recalculated after you respond to a message.

Your response rate is not affected by follow up messages from other users, so you don’t have to send the last message to maintain your response rate.

Your response rate will be calculated for messages received on or after the 12th of July 2018 and is not calculated for messages received before we introduced the response rate percentage.

Why have we introduced response rate?
We’re experimenting with ways to encourage users to reply to each other. Unanswered messages are a frustrating experience when you are looking for a new flatmate. A response rate publicly recognises those that are great at replying and sets expectations for users contacting members that aren’t so great.

How do I improve my response rate?
Improving your response is quite easy. You just need to reply to enquiries, ideally within 24 hours of receiving a new message. Most users just want to receive feedback - even if it’s not always positive. If you can’t provide an answer to someone’s enquiry straight away, then update them on what stage you are up to with finding a flatmate.


Flatmates Team