Having problems entering your address?

Addresses on Flatmates.com.au are provided by the Google maps API. Although the majority of Australian addresses are correct in the Google database, there are unfortunately some addresses which are not registered correctly. We are currently working on a system to deal with this but in the meantime here is the best way of getting your listing live on our site if the address is not being accepted.

  1. Always make sure you are selecting an address from the selection provided by Google. Just start typing and then make a selection. If you just type the address into the input box we cannot accept it as we do not have important information like longitude and latitude.

  2. If that is not working then enter your address without the street or apartment number. e.g. If your address is: 8-10 President Ave, Kogarah then just enter: President Ave, Kogarah

  3. If your address is still not being accepted then this often means your street is really new and Google has not indexed it correctly yet. The only solution to this is enter a street close to your address. Pick a main road or a street which has been around for some time. You do not need to include a street number.

We realise the above solutions are not perfect and we are working with Google to find a more permanent reliable, solution. But in the mean time this will at least get you live on the site.