Tips to renting your spare room


With over 9 million searches per month, listing your place on is the best way to find the right flatmate.


Show off your place
Having a listing is essential to finding a flatmate. A detailed listing should include clear pictures, up to date information and a brief profile of the other flatmates living in the home. Getting the right person who fits in to your place is important for shared living success, so make sure you outline the type of person you’re looking for. Start by creating your listing here.

“My Listing is pending” means your listing is being checked by our system to ensure we maintain a safe community for everyone. Please be patient, we promise it will go live shortly.

Verify your mobile
To list a place on, you will need to have an Australian mobile number. Once you have signed up, you will receive a code via text message from us to complete your verification. You can check if your mobile has been verified under My Account - Account Settings. If you haven’t received your code, request a new one here.

Never share your mobile verification code out to anyone. This will jeopardise our community and could result in your account being blocked.

There is no requirement to upgrade your account in order to list your room and find a great flatmate. However, if you’re looking to speed up your search, an optional upgrade will make your listing Free to Message for all users. You will also have access to contact all listings, access available mobile numbers, view verified social media accounts, list multiple properties and have your listing on If you are logged into your account you can view the optional upgrades here.

Introduce yourself
Don’t just sit back and wait for the offers to flood in. We have thousands of potential flatmate profiles you can search and contact. We don’t set a limit on the number of people you can contact. Remember that many users will organise multiple room viewings before choosing one. So don’t put all your hopes on the one person, have a few potential candidates lined up for inspections.

Line up the contenders
Make a list of your best candidates and get them around for a room viewing and sit down chat. To avoid awkward viewings, only get one potential flatmate around at a time. Allow around 30 minutes per person to ensure they get a chance to view the property, meet the other flatmates and answer a few questions about their suitability. More tips on conducting a room viewing.