Sydney’s cheapest train stations to rent a room near

on 21 June 2017 by Aaron

Living close to a train station in Sydney can be a welcomed convenience, particularly if you don’t have a car—but like everything else in the harbour city it can also be super expensive.


In fact, data from showed that renting a room within 1km of a station was more expensive than the suburb average in 69% of suburbs considered.

Epping saw the biggest disparity between station and suburb, where a room within 1km of the station averaged $283, a whopping 66% more than the suburb average of $170.

Not all is lost, however, with the data also showing there are still a few affordable options left.

Of the cheapest stations to rent a room within 10km of the city, Hursltone Park came out on top with a weekly private room average of just $247 per week.

Croydon and Dulwich Stations rounded out the cheapest three with average rents of just $248 and $256 per week, respectively.

Average room prices for the 10 cheapest all fell under the $300 mark, a far cry from the cities most expensive station Circular Quay where rooms fetch an average of $542 per week.

Station Avg. Rent Per Week Postcode Dist. to CBD (Km)
Hurlstone Park Station $247 2193 9.2
Croydon Station $248 2132 9.9
Dulwich Hill Station $256 2203 8.5
Turrella Station $272 2205 9.9
Tempe Station $283 2044 8.2
Lewisham Station $286 2049 7.0
Marrickville Station $289 2204 7.7
Summer Hill Station $290 2130 7.7
Arncliffe Station $294 2205 9.9
Wolli Creek Station $296 2205 8.8

Data based on all room listings created on for the previous six months to April 8, where that listing fell within 1km of a train station. Only stations with more than 10 rooms listed were considered

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