What are Teamups?

Teamups allow you to start your search by finding great people to live with and then you can find the perfect property together.

Sometimes that perfect room isn’t available or maybe you have seen a great property that you can’t afford on your own. Moving places can be stressful, so finding others to do it with might be the best solution. By teaming-up you can share the searching, viewing and decision making in finding a property along with the initial financial burden.

How to find great people to Teamup with

Search for flatmates: Search People listings and on the listing under the persons preferred locations you will see if they are interested in Teamups (We have some exciting new search options for Teamups coming soon). Look for other people with similar interests, tastes, lifestyles or who are looking in the same areas as you.

Make contact: Send messages to anyone you feel would make a great flatmate, explain you would like to team up and find a property together. Not everyone will respond so to give yourself the best choice make sure you send messages to everyone who looks interesting.

Catch up: Catching up with your potential new flatmate is important to ensure you’re all happy to live together. Grab a coffee, ask each other questions and soon enough you’ll know if you’re all going to get along. If everyone isn’t in the same place, use Skype or FaceTime.

Find a home: Once everyone is comfortable with each other, it’s time to find a place. Flatmates.com.au regularly have whole properties up for rent, so be sure to check out our listings. Otherwise, have a chat to your local real estate agent or check out the listings on realestate.com.au