Why a viewing is important


Inspecting a property and meeting potential flatmates is the best way to find out if a place is suitable for you.

When enquiring about a property always politely check if and when you can inspect the property and meet the flatmates. Depending on how many enquires a property has received may influence when you can view the room, so try to be flexible.

Ask for the members contact details when agreeing on a time and day. If you’re running late or unable to make the meeting, let them know as soon as possible. Turning up late or not turning up at all is a surefire way to not get a room.

At the viewing, try not to rush and take some time to have a chat with the current flatmates. Ask them any questions that are important to you such as their hobbies; routines; and employment. You should also be prepared for some questions from them about similar topics.

Always insist on a viewing.
Never sign up or pay a deposit for a property you haven’t viewed.

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