Flatmates.com.au Community Charter

Flatmates.com.au is an inclusive community where all members are expected to treat one another with the utmost respect.

Below is our community charter for all members.

1. Treat all members equally regardless of race, colour, sex, gender identity, religion, age or sexual orientation.

2. Be respectful and civil towards all members—at all times—when communicating via the site or other means.

3. Only use Flatmates.com.au to offer shared accommodation or find a home, and never for any other purpose.

4. Only list or offer a property that is fit for living in and that you would want to live in yourself. Living rooms are not bedrooms.

5. Abide by local planning and state tenancy laws.

6. Make your flatmate search a happy and enjoyable experience to meet new people and share life. We’re here to help make that possible so let us know if there is anything we can do to improve.

Members found to be acting in a manner contrary to the charter may have their accounts removed.

If you would like to report any untoward behavior to our moderation team, please use the “Feedback” link located at the bottom of every listing or any message received.