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$230/week56 year old woman

I have shared houses with lots of different people over the years and have learned to adapt well to changing needs of my various housemates. I communicate my needs well and I listen to others' needs. I am clean and tidy and cook and like to do bulk cooking which I am happy to share with the household. I make great stocks. I am a writer so I can have times where I am very quiet, but I also like to socialise and go to see bands with my friends, and to see bands my friends are in. Whilst I work part-time at a service station, when it fits around my caring responsibilities, I also care for a man who lives in Carisbrook and has had a severe heart attack and leaving him with 15% heart function, so I am very busy, and sometimes am not home much. If I burn out a bit I may organise others to care for him and take some time out, then I am home for a couple of days. I am pretty easy going although I like being able to do a lot of cooking, so like the kitchen to be kept mostly clean. I like singing in choirs, reading lots, going for coffees with friends when I have time, working on my novel/s, and I am an obsessive walker. I have to walk in the bush to feel like myself. I also love science fiction and fantasy films and books. I am looking for people who maybe do or don't cook, or only when they have time, and who are friendly but understand when I need to be quiet or meditate. I like people who do their share of the housework, or who will negotiate with me to exchange something for it. I would absolutely love to share with other writers, but it is just a fond wish, not an expectation. I look forward to being contacted by interested persons who have room/s available.

Available 20 August 2022