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$250/week69 year old man

Comfortable, confident, spiritual person, Murwillumbah to Ballina not religious. Understand the mechanisms & psychology of the processes we use to determine the paths we take in life. Healing is a psychological process, our body has the capacity to heal any condition. Cancer, heart attacks, lung, kidney, bone problems are all curable by our minds if u have the will power to be introspective? Improve your self worth = stronger charisma = become more attractive. If u suffer from stress than ask your self who are you trying to please? Obviously not you. Attracting money into your life is simple, not magic. I believe that all people are technically bisexual, this does not mean sexual activity. Have all these skills & more also understand the workings of share houses hence can make a share house more cohesive & a lot of fun. Excellent references. Have always got on well with other share house mates including landlords . Contribute to the household. Love order. Clean up after myself. Like to leave spaces how I found them. Happy to help with meals - though am NOT a cook. ;-) Nutrition aware and healthy. Respectful, honest, reliable; punctual with rent. Spiritually grounded. Approachable. Enjoy nature, quiet, space, gardens, quality conversation. History of adventure sports, exercise. Practise yoga. Diet: flexitarian vego. Love humour & clever lateral logic. B.Sc. Quit my successful business 35yrs ago to start a spiritual journey. Not keen on pets. Generally not fazed by other people’s peccadilloes. Welcome feedback. Curious? Love to hear from u.

Available 12 August 2022



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$265/week50 year old man

Greetings, I have lived in the Tweed for over 40 years. I work full time in for NSW Health, plus will be doing some disability support on the side. Currently only 2 days per week, building up to 5 per week in the next 6 weeks. I don't smoke or take any substances and am a very light drinker. I have most things needed for a house except a lounge and wash machine so am self sufficient. This includes mowers, fridge, beds, draws, TV, heaps of kitchen stuff. Most is in good condition or will be replaced after being flooded in 2022. My interests include camping, bush walking, reading, being in water (creeks, surf, water holes), tinkering with recycled timber, cooking, motorcycles, a good movie and music (can't live with out it) I do have young dog, who is very friendly, great company and 11 months old. He is very layed back and approved as an ^ assistance animal ^ for support. A suitable yard will be appreciated. I do have NDIS access and supports. I'm open to constructive discussions around this. I can have access to things like cleaners, so that is a bonus when needed. In saying that, i am very independent and self sufficient in most area's. I would like an area to a secure lock up garage or shed for my bikes and tools. One bike is a side car for my support work. Having to maintain a storage shed will, unfortunately, directly affect my rent affordability, so a sleeping area and shed would be great. I'm open to a team up, finding or sharing a house with another person would be brilliant. Open to renting a shed, large garage, or converted old dairy bales, land and I will get a caravan, I'm very open to suggestions I can comfortable on affording up to $200 max per week at the moment, and up to $300 when I return to full time work. I have a bond amount saved. Walking out side and looking at clear stars makes rural areas a big appeal for me. I like my own space, and respect peoples personal space., but am happy to join in. Will pass all rental and background checks easily I do offer apologies, but I am reluctant to post identifiable photos for privacy and confidentially due to nature of my work. Some of my clients are also on flatmates. Message me, talk openly, meet and see how things go, that is the best way Thank you for taking the time to all a me to introduce myself 🙂 I hope everyone finds a home soon.🌱🌿🌳🌼

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Giovanni & EI

Giovanni and EI

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$350/week38-39 year old man and woman

Soulful Creative Sharehouse in Tweed ✨☀️🏖🏡🌳 We are starting a sharehouse and are looking for potential housemates to share community with. ****** About Us ****** I am a landscape designer and plant lover, also a bushcraft and leather tanning instructor. Giovanni is a CHEK Practitioner and Strength and Conditioning Coach. We’re both keen foodies and enjoy spending time in nature and living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We have both lived in share houses for many years and appreciate the community and vibe that they create. ****** The House ****** We are looking to move as soon as all the pieces fall into place, within the next few months. Our ideal house will have 4-5 bedrooms with at least two bathrooms, a large backyard and be maximum 20 minute drive from the beach. With a large communal kitchen, several shared spaces, large bedrooms and veggie patch. Located away from the hustle and bustle, perhaps in Terranora, Bilambil, Cudgen, Duranbah, Pottsville etc. We are applying for houses with rent between maximum $300 per person, preferably less. Giovanni would like a garage to convert into a gym and I would like a backyard shed for tanning leather naturally. ****** Our Intention ****** To create a vibrant, caring, creative community of housemates who enjoy both their own privacy but also like to share dinners on occasion. To practice individual responsibility and communication for a happy shared home space. To share skills, music and the supportive vibe. ****** To Apply ****** If this sounds like your vibe and you would like to chat further, please message me directly with information about yourself and when you’re looking to move.

Available 10 August 2022