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Alex & Jana

Alex and Jana

Early bird

$500/week42-53 year old man and woman

Alex and Jana, from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), both on student visas valid until June 2024. It is being extended to June 2027. I am 53 and she is 44. We are open-minded, gay-friendly, pet-friendly, plant-friendly, love music, drink, dance, chat and the outdoors. We are currently living in Pyrmont and are looking for a room or studio up to A$500 per week in or near Sydney, fully furnished, with private bathroom and air conditioning or with the possibility of using a portable one we have. Jana is studying English but is about to start a full time Beauty Therapist course 3 days a week. She also works as a housekeeper in a Manly hotel 3 days a week. I am her visa partner and work most days as a forklift driver. So we wake up early in the morning to work/study and get home around 5pm. We have started to look for a new place as some things are not working anymore where we are, but since we are not hurrying, we are a bit picky at the moment. We can't cope with messy and dirty places. We really can't! We see our home as our sanctuary to relax and study. And even if it is not our property, we look after it as if it were. If it is not decorated, we do it. If it is broken, we fix it. We clean not only what we see; we look for hidden dust. We separate the rubbish. So we look to share with people who have the same vibe. We also don't follow crazy rules that don't allow us to use the place according to our needs. We cook almost every day, usually between 7 pm and 9 pm, we wash the dishes properly (with running water) if there is no dishwasher, we wash white and coloured clothes separately, preferably in hot water. This is what we have at the moment. We have rental records in Adelaide, Pyrmont and also a previous rental record when I lived in Brisbane in 2015. All can be checked with the respective landlords. We don't rent without a contract and we don't pay rent in cash. We have set the length of stay at 3 months because this is usually the time frame to realise if it is working. However, our intention is to stay for 12 months.

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